ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes



A collection of folksy historical stories based on actual city newspaper articles


Compiled and contributed by Ben Feld [1922-2011]



Ben Feld in his “scriptorium”     08 2008      Ken Riedl photo




            What Every Woman Should Know


            The Lake Koshkonong Monster


            Criminating Evidence


            Don’t Try To Make A Fool Out Of Me


            Ask For Directions


            The Best Damned Lawyer in Watertown:  The Bill Cody Story 


            William Cody Profile 


            The Law East of the Crawfish    


            The Burial of Thomas Bass    


            Boys will be Boys,

                   Girls will be Girls

                    And Men will be Men

                    And Women will be Women


            Chickens Come Home to Roost


            Ellen McDermott ["Crazy Nellie"]


            Young Love 


            Bring ‘Em Back Alive 


            A Solution For Everything 


            Peccadilloes in the Police Department 


            He Done Her Wrong 


            Clever Woman Outwits Merchants 


            What Happens When You “Give Someone the Finger”


            When There is Work to be Done ‘tis Folly to Play 


            City Government 101 


            Saloon Patron Bites The Bullet 


            The Long Way Home 


            From Mud to Bricks or What Took Them So Long? 


            The Milwaukee Street Bridge 


Above collection preserved as file within Historical Society digitalization set as WHS_005_121









Watertown Daily Times, 11 27 1962


The University of Chicago announced yesterday the nomination of Reuben A. Feld, principal of Schurz School, as candidate for an appointment as staff associate in the graduate school and department of education at the University of Chicago.  During the two year period of this appointment, staff associates assume administrative degree.  Mr. Feld is in the process of acquiring his masters degree in education administration at the University of Wisconsin.



Watertown Daily Times, 07 20 2002, “In Times Square”


Ben Feld is a 1940 graduate of Algoma High School.  On July 27 he will make the trek back to Algoma for his 62nd annual reunion. He expects about 25 classmates from the 66 who graduated to be in attendance.  This year Ben is bringing along a two-volume set of all the news items the Algoma Record Herald carried from Aug. 28, 1936, to June 14, 1940, that pertained to his class. Being a small weekly newspaper, school news was always given a good amount of space, and as a result, his compilation is over 290 pages in length.  Ben said it took him a year and a half by using the Algoma paper's microfilm he received from an interlibrary loan program. Gradually he went through all of those papers, page by page. 



Watertown Daily Times, 02 24 2007


Reuben Feld of Watertown, whose volunteer service to St. Coletta’s in Jefferson was called “priceless” today by the facility’s officials, is retiring.  Since 1998, Reuben, or “Ben,” as he prefers to be called, has been a faithful volunteer at Golden Options, an adult day services program of St. Coletta of Wisconsin.  For the past 10 years Feld has faithfully logged over 100 hours at Golden Options presenting a monthly slide show of his travels across America and overseas.  Feld credits his late wife, Ruth, for putting together the slide presentations that chronicle their world travels throughout the course of their lives.  It almost appears a tribute to Ruth that these travels live on and bring pleasure to others as it did for them.  The Felds traveled to Europe 12 times and organized and conducted tours throughout the United States, visiting all but four states.  It is from these adventures that their stories come alive and are shared each month with his friends at Golden Options.





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