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William (Wilhelm) Wiggenhorn

1797 - 1876


Eugene Wiggenhorn


Death of an Aged Citizen


1851       Ball Alley

 Ball Alley at the Buena Vista House, William Wiggenhorn



Watertown Republican, 12 13 1876


Mr. William Wiggenhorn died at his residence in the 1st ward, Tuesday morning, December 12, 1876, at the age of nearly 80 years, having been born in Westphalia, Prussia, April 23d, 1797.  Thus another aged citizen has gone from among us to meet his reward in another world. 


Mr. Wiggenhorn came to Watertown direct from Germany in the year 1848, and for some years was landlord of the Buena Vista House.  Mr. Wiggenhorn was married in 1821 and his wife, Josephine, who has been his partner in life for over 55 years, survives him. 


Five years ago Mr. and Mrs. Wiggenhorn celebrated their golden wedding in the midst of their children and friends, who united in the observance of an event so seldom witnessed. 


Their living issue in Constance and Eugene, of the firm of Wiggenhorn Brothers, the well-known tobacco dealers and cigar manufacturers, August, Jeweler, Alexander, of Ashland, Nebraska, Mrs. R. Diesel, of Woodstock, Ill., Mrs. A. Frohne, of Berlin, Wis., and Mrs. W. Meyer, of Ripon, Wis. 


Mr. Wiggenhorn’s last sickness was congestion of the lungs, and continued two weeks, during which time the aged parent received unremitting care from his wife and children, as well as the best medical attention.  But the extreme age of the sufferer precluded the possibility of his recovery, and he finally passed away peacefully and calmly.  The funeral of the deceased will take


Buried in St. Henry’s Cemetery




Last Monday Mrs. Josephine Wiggenhorn celebrated her 93d birthday.  So far as known, she is the oldest person in Watertown, and is enjoying the very best of health.  Her three sons, Constance, August, and Eugene Wiggenhorn and a number of relatives and friends assembled at her home in the 2d ward to enjoy with her the celebration of her natal day.  Looking back 93 years, our readers can call to mind the many great changes that have taken place in the history of the world, politically, socially and scientifically, during the lifetime of this aged lady.    WG


It is rather bewildering to look back over the period Mrs. Wiggenhorn has lived.  John Adams had just entered the second year of his administration, when she saw the light and Washington was yet living.  It was only two years before her birth that the great Napoleon Bonaparte first came to notice by his conquest in Italy and at the time of his disastrous retreat from Moscow she was a Miss of 14. years; while three years later, when he was vanquished at Waterloo, Mrs. Wiggenhorn was on the verge of young womanhood.  She has been contemporary with Goethe, Schiller and the two Humboldts, Karl Wilhelm and the great Alexander, and Bismark was not born for fifteen years after Mrs. Wiggenhorn's birth.  We shall not attempt to enumerate the changes she has witnessed both in her native land and in her adopted country during her time.  This would be far too reaching and a subject too exhaustive.     WR, 03 12 1890




Wiggenhorn, William

Forty-Eighters: Builders of Watertown,  pg 11, 12, 13, 21, 74

Wiggenhorn, William (Wilhelm)

Early resident, bought  Buena Vista House

Wiggenhorn, William (Wilhelm)

Forty-Eighter, owner of the Buena Vista hotel.



Wiggenhorn, August, Jeweler, fine jewelry, solid silver & plated ware, clocks


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Constance Wiggenhorn, son of William



Eugene Wiggenhorn

Watertown Democrat, 03 09 1865  

New Tobacco Store

Mr. E. [Eugene] Wiggenhorn has just opened a new and extensive tobacco and cigar store in the post office block, on Second Street.  This is the largest establishment of the kind in the city.  Every variety of cigars and quality tobacco, with every style of pipes, may be found there, both at wholesale and retail.


Mr. Wiggenhorn is largely engaged in the manufacture of cigars and the articles he furnishes are as good as can be found in any market.  They have a reputation equal to any now sold.  He uses the best material, employs the most skillful workmen, and everything is done well and promptly.

1866-67 Watertown City Directory


Watertown Leader, 02 18 1886

Eugene Wiggenhorn returned Sunday morning from a trip to Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.  He has decided to locate at La Crosse and has become a member, with John Pamperin, formerly of this city, of a joint stock company to engage in the manufacture of cigars and do a general tobacco business with a capital of $50,000.  Mr. Wiggenhorn expects to be at his new post of duty the middle of next month.  While regretting to lose him as a fellow-citizen, we are glad to know that he will still continue as a resident of the state.