ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Rudolph Bernard Hoermann, MD


History of Milwaukee, City and County, Volume 2, William George Bruce, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, Chicago, 1922.


Few physicians have a comprehensive and thorough training such as Dr. Rudolph Bernard Hoermann of Milwaukee has achieved for he is a graduate of both the alapathic and homeopathic schools of medicine and in his practice is now specializing on diseases of the eye ear nose and throat for which he received special training his practice indicating his thorough capability and success in this department.  Dr. Hoermann is a native of St Louis, Missouri, born August 11, 1872.  His father was Dr. Ferdinand Bernard Hoermann, a physician who in 1881 became a resident of Watertown, Wisconsin, where he continued in active practice to the time of his death in 1918.  His wife who bore the maiden name of Caroline Frentel is still residing in Watertown.  They were the parents of a family of five sons and five daughters all of whom have reached adult age.


Dr. Rudolph B Hoermann, the third in order of birth, has one brother who is a physician and two are members of the dental profession, the latter being Dr. Alfred Hoermann a dentist of Milwaukee and Dr. Ernst Hoermann who is practicing his profession in Watertown, Wisconsin.  One brother and three sisters reside in Honolulu, Hawaii, the former being the Rev. Arthur Hoermann DD, a prominent Lutheran clergyman.  All of the sons are professional men and one of the daughters is the wife of a physician Dr. T. F. Shinnick of Beloit, Wisconsin.


Dr. Rudolph B. Hoermann was chiefly reared in Watertown, Wisconsin and there obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree on the completion of a course in the Northwestern College, a Lutheran school at that place.  He afterward spent four years as a student in the medical department of the University of Michigan and was graduated with the MD degree in 1897.  Through the succeeding period of four months he was identified with the outdoor poor department of Bellevue Hospital of New York and later he studied in Berlin and Vienna pursuing postgraduate work in the year 1898, thus becoming splendidly qualified for the work of his profession. 


He located at Watertown, Wisconsin, where he opened an office and continued in general practice from 1899 until 1912.  In the latter year he came to Milwaukee where he has remained and for four years his attention has been concentrated upon diseases of the eye ear nose and throat.  He has gained a high degree of proficiency in his specialty having largely come to be regarded as an authority upon this branch of practice in Wisconsin.  He belongs to the Milwaukee County Medical Society the Wisconsin State Medical Society the Wisconsin Surgical Society and the American Medical Association.  He is a constant student continually reading along lines that promote his knowledge and advance his efficiency in coping with disease and restoring the human body to normal conditions.


On the 28th of July, 1903 Dr Hoermann was married to Miss Renata Mueller.  They had one son Harold Mueller who was killed in an automobile accident at the age of ten years.  Following this the city put policemen on all corners near the schools for the lad was returning home from school when struck by the machine causing his death.


During the World war Dr. Hoermann served on local board No 3 of Milwaukee.  He is a member of the Lutheran church and he belongs to the Wisconsin Club which is indicative of his appreciation of the social amenities of life.  He has gained many friends during the years of his residence in Milwaukee and he enjoys the respect and confidence of his colleagues and contemporaries in the profession



Hoermann Dental

1915, Ad, E J Hoermann, dentist, 13 E Main, corner 1st & Main

Hoermann, Della, Miss

1909, Salick-Eberle wedding

Hoermann, Ernst J

1909, Watertown Imperial Minstrels

Hoermann, Ernst J

1913, 13 E Main, dentist

Hoermann, Ernst J

1936, St. Mary’s Hospital fund raiser

Hoermann, Ferdinand Bernhard, Dr

1913, 409 Third, physician

Hoermann, Rudolph Bernard, Dr

1910, Residence sold to G M Gahlmann