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William H. Woodard



02 50       Proposed STATE Home For Feeble Minded in Watertown




Wednesday afternoon of last week W. H. Woodard and wife entertained the teachers of the Watertown High School at their home on North Washington Street.  A few hours were very pleasantly passed and Mr. and Mrs. Woodard’s kindness was greatly appreciated by their guests.   WG



Building operations in Watertown have shown marked activity during the last year.  Many new residences have been erected, as well as a number of business buildings.  The chief pride of Watertown is the new building of the Bank of Watertown, which institution is the oldest of its kind in Jefferson county.  Its new home, which will be ready for occupancy about Nov. 1st, stands at the northwest corner of First and Main streets.  The ground floor is equipped with the most modern of bank fixtures, while the upper floors will house several commodious office suites which will be occupied by such firms as the individuals as the Old Line Life Insurance Company, Attorney Wm. H. Woodard, F. J. Prentiss [T. & J. Prentiss] and W. C. Stone; while the president of the bank, Mr. F. E. Woodard, will also have private offices above the bank.   WG



10 20       WILLIAM H. WOODARD APPOINTED JUDGE / Watertown Attorney Succeeds The Late Judge C. W. Lamoreux / WELL QUALIFIED

On Monday last Gov. Phillip appointed Attorney William H. Woodard of Watertown, County Judge of Dodge County, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge C. W. Lamoreux, of Mayville.  Mr. Woodard was out west on the Pacific Coast when the position was offered to him.  He was wired the appointment and wired back that he would accept the position.


This appointment holds until next spring election, when the vacancy for Judge Lamoreux’s unexpired term about four years, will be filled by special election.


The announcement of Mr. Woodard’s appointment is well received by the people of Watertown as well as by all who know him.


Mr. Woodard is a native of Watertown where he was born forty-five years ago, a son of Marshall J. Woodard.  He received his education in the public schools of that city, is a graduate of Beloit college and also a graduate of the law school of the state university.  He is at present a member of the school board and a member of the republican county committee.  He has served the public in several capacities.  He is married and has two sons and one daughter.  Mr. Woodard will assume his judicial duties upon his return from the west.



Hon. Wm. Woodard of Watertown Performed His First Official Duties As County Judge of Dodge County, Here Yesterday.

A. J. Tozer And Miss Lueck Re-appointed To Present Positions.


Last Thursday, Oct. 26th, (yesterday) Hon. William Woodard of Watertown, who was recently appointed County Judge of Dodge County by Gov. Philipp, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the late Judge C. W. Lamoreux, came up to Juneau on the morning train and entered upon the duties of his new office.  He did not hold any regular session of court, as no notice of court proceedings had been sent out.  Judge Woodard’s first official act was the reappointment of Mr. A. J. Tozer as Register in Probate and also the re-appointment of Miss Clara M. Lueck as County Court Reporter.


Mr. Tozer and Miss Lueck have served in these positions for many years and are thoroughly familiar with the office routine and their respective duties.  Their appointment by Judge Woodard was both wise and logical.


The new Judge is a gentleman of sound and comprehensive legal knowledge, pleasing personality, courteous in manner, well liked and highly respected by all who know him.  He has always upheld the dignity of the Bar and will bring to the Bench that same spirit of tolerance, fairness and justice that has characterized his law practice since he entered the profession.  Jude Woodard was greeted by a number of his acquaintances and thanked them for the courtesy.


He stated that he would follow existing custom as to the time and places for holding court.  As in the past, court will be held in Juneau regularly, and on certain days in Watertown, Beaver Dam and Mayville.



County Judge William H. Woodard presided for the first time since his appointment at a term of court in this city Monday.  All the attorneys from the city of Watertown were present to pay their respects, which were conveyed to the newly appointed judge in a neat speech by Attorney Nicholas Thauer.  A handsome bouquet of roses graced the official desk, a gift from the Watertown lawyers.




Attorney William H. Woodard, North Washington Street, announces the marriage of his daughter, Margaret, to Edward H. Wertheimer, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Wertheimer, Clyman Street.  The marriage took place February 29 at Armonk, N. Y.


The former Miss Woodard is a graduate of Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, IL., and of the Erskine School, Boston, Mass.  For the past three years she has been active in publicity work in New York City.


Mr. Wertheimer is formerly of Watertown.  He attended the Pawling School and Brown university where he was a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity.  He is associated with the Continental Baking company of New York.


Mr. and Mrs. Wertheimer will be at home in Bronxville, N. Y. after October 1.


Mrs. Wertheimer is now visiting, at the home of her father.  Mr. Wertheimer is expected here from the east today.



02 12       Two widely known Watertown attorneys, George E. Niemann and Paul Hibbard, have formed a full law partnership and have acquired the law practice of the late William H. Woodard, together with his law library and his offices in the Bank of Watertown building.  The new firm will be known as Niemann and Hibbard and will move from its present quarters at 113 North Third Street to the Bank of Watertown building (12 E Main) so as to be established there on Feb. 23.


Mr. Hibbard for the past four years has been associated with Mr. Niemann in the law practice, but now a full partnership has been formed.  Both are graduates of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Mr. Niemann graduating in 1939 and Mr. Hibbard in 1941.  Mr. Niemann has practiced law here for the past 14 1/2 years.   WDT



Cross References:

The Beloit College Year Book reveals that William H. Woodard attended Beloit College and after graduating in law from the University Law School began his practice in the office of Theodore Prentiss.  




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