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R & H S Howell



07 14       Howell’s Store

Clothing:  Always cheaper than can be bought elsewhere in the city.  Carpets: Scotch Hemp, Ingrain, Three-ply, Brussels, Matting, Rugs, Stair Carpets, Stair Rods, Floor Oil Cloth.  Boots and Shoes:  Cow-hide, Kip and Calfskin Boots.  Everything from a “cack” upwards.  Hats and Straw Goods:  Fur and Wool hats, Leghorn, Panama, Quito, Canada Straw, Palm Leaf, Shakers . . . WD


07 21       The New Skirt

R. & H. S. Howell have just received from the manufactures, J. I. & O. J. West of New York, the new Duplex Elliptic Spring Skirt, which is now everywhere preferred to all others.  It is well made, strong and serviceable, but at the same time light and graceful and so elastic and flexible that it yields to the least pressure without spreading in all directions and assuming all kinds of awkward shapes.  It encircles the form symmetrically, readily contracts into a narrow space, and can be managed with the utmost ease and convenience.  It combines all the latest improvements, is manufactured of the best material, and will doubtless be adopted by the ladies as the fashionable and favorite skirt.   WD


09 08       R. & H. S. Howell, west side of the river, have now on hand the largest general stock of merchandize ever offered in this city at wholesale and retail.


Skirtings, Ticks, Cotton Yarn, Demins, Stripes, Prints, Bleached Goods, Gloves and Hosiery.


All the newest styles in Dress Goods:  Challis, Delaines, Mozambique, Poplins, Alpacas, all in the newest colors.


Bradley’s Hoop Skirts, all sizes, from 6 to 45; also the Sly Quaker.  WD


Cross Reference:  Godey's Magazine Bradley’s Skirt ad, 1866



Robert Howell; 1865c, Dry goods store, Edward Racek apprentice


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