ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Watertown Lodge No. 49

Free and Accepted Masons



12 27       Last Thursday, the 20th inst., the following Brothers were elected officers of Watertown Lodge No. 49, of Free and Accepted Masons, and will be publicly installed this evening at their hall:


J. B. Van Alstine, W. M; Harlow Pease, S. W.; E. M. Hall, J. W; H. S. Howell, Secretary; W. E. Crawford, Treasurer; B. T. Well, S. D.; S. S. Green, J. D.


The following brethren were elected officers of Watertown Chapter No. 11.


T. R. Mott, H. P.; Austin Kellogg, R.; B. T. Wells, S.; Henry Graves, Tr.; J. A. Hadley, Sec.; W. Chappell, C. H.; E. M. Hall, P. S.; G. W. Austin, R. K.; S. S. Green, M. 3d V.; G. R. Frary, M. 2d V.; K. P. Clark, M. 1st V.; W. H. Slatter, G.


After the ceremonies there will take place a pleasant and delightful social re-union at the Exchange Hotel and one of those admirably got up and bountiful suppers which Van Alstine knows so well how to provide and embellish with every delicacy and luxury the country supplies.   WD




02 23       Post Office Leased for 5 Years.  The Post Office Department has accepted the proposal of S. M. Eaton, W. H. Woodard and Robert Dent, trustees of Watertown Lodge No. 49, Free and Accepted Masons, to lease the present quarters for five years, from May 12, 1911.   WG