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Young Men’s Association



Young Men’s' Christian Association.




01 21       Carl Schurz lecture before Young Men’s Association   WL


03 03       Young Men’s Association is city institution; reading room  open; number of paying members   WD


09 16       Mr. S. W. Shorey’s Shakespearian readings before Association.   WD


09 16       Collection of a Library commenced; Officers elected   WD


10 07       Daniel Hall, Esq. to deliver a lecture on subject of Astronomy  


10 14       Appeal for book donations for library   WD



01 27        Mr. E. A. Calkins lecture, “What we are made for!”    WD


02 03       Effort to procure additions to library; the only public library in the city    WD


06 02       Fourth of July celebration plans    WD


08 04       Quarterly report of Librarian    WD


09 15       Debate:  That a person is not bound to obey a law which his conscience condemns    WD



02 09        The Elements of True Womanhood    WD


04 19       Wanted—Light on the Subject.  Is the Young Men’s Association dead, or does it only sleep?  The room is “dull as night, and dark as Erebus” [Greek god of darkness who dwelt in the underworld].  The gas pipes refuse their accustomed supply—the burners are no longer burners; not even a ghost of a departed orator is to be seen or heard in the vacant room.  What is the matter?  Whose fault is it?  The Gas Company, the officers of the Association, or the members?  Or is it one of those intricate financial muddles which are beyond solution by any mathematical rule?  A. Member.   WD


11 23       The German Young Men’s Association, after paying the expenses of their ball at Cole’s Hall last week for the benefit of the surviving sufferers by the loss of the Lady Elgin, had just one hundred dollars, which has been forwarded to the treasurer of that fund, in Milwaukee.  The young men who took charge of the matter and carried it through so successfully are certainly deserving of much credit.   WR



05 04       Y.M.C.A. FORMED

Another well attended meeting of both old and young, interested in the formation of a Young Men’s Christian Association for this city, was held at the Congregational church last Sunday afternoon.  The meeting was opened with an address and prayer by Rev. F. A. Holzhausen, after which President Bennett presided, expressing satisfaction at the favorable progress made during the week just passed and announced with great pleasure that the Y. M. C. A. of Watertown was a matter of fact, the initiatory step having been taken towards its formation.  Remarks were made by Rev. Mr. Campbell, A. Baum, D. G. Whyte, W. C. Stone and C. C. Eaton, the two last named describing their visits to the Milwaukee and Madison associations, respectively.  The constitution as read by the president was then adopted and forty signatures for membership were received.  The meeting closed with singing and the benediction by Rev. J. M. Campbell.  Will meet again next Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock in the M. E. church.       Watertown News



05 02       A mass meeting for the men of Watertown held at the Turner opera house.   WL


05 06       Turner hall meeting composed mostly of men from Evangelical churches   WL





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