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An Ordinance To provide for disposing of swine found running at large

Watertown Weekly Register, 10 08 1853


The Mayor and City Council of the City of Watertown, do ordain as follows:


Section 1.  The running of Swine at large in this city is hereby declared a nuisance. and the Marshal of this city is hereby authorized and required to take up any swine found running at large in any of the streets, highways, avenues, alleys, corners or public grounds, within this city, and in case the owner of any swine so taken up shall not in one week claim his property and pay the Marshals charges and fees, and take the same away, the marshal shall sell the same at public auction to the highest bidder, after three days notice thereof, by publishing such notice in one of the newspapers of this city, and the proceeds of such sale, after deducting his fees and charges, shall be placed in the city treasury.


Sec. 2.  The Marshall shall be entitled to receive one dollar for each and every swine by him taken up, and 25 cents for every day he has the same in charge, and constable’s fees for advertising and selling the same.  The said fees and charges to be paid by the owner or claimant of such swine, before the same is delivered to him.


Passed August 5th, 1853

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Drove Hogs

Watertown Weekly Register, 07 09 1853


On Tuesday last we noticed a drove of fifty or sixty hogs, heading for Milwaukee.  We are informed that persons are perambulating our State buying up all the stock hogs they can find for sale, to be driven to an eastern market.  We very much doubt the policy of this procedure on the part of our farmers.  Nowhere can they put their surplus coarse grains to a more advantageous use, than in manufacturing fat and muscle.

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Watertown Democrat, 04 18 1861


Common Council – The following was introduced by Ald. Baum:  Resolved, That the City Clerk is hereby authorized to cause to be published in bill form for posting the ordinance passed by the Common Council entitled AN ORDINANCE TO PREVENT SWINE FROM RUNNING AT LARGE IN THE STREETS; fifty copes of each in the English and German languages, and that he cause a copy of each to be posted side by side in each ward.


Resolved further, That it shall be the duty of the City Marshall to enforce the above entitled ordinance on complaint of any citizen or citizens.  Adopted.

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Watertown Democrat, 05 09 1861


The following resolution was introduced by Alderman Steele:  Resolved, That James Rogan be and hereby is allowed to let his swine run at large on his own land that is open to the commons.  Lost.   Common Council Proceedings

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Marshal’s Sale

Watertown Democrat, 05 23 1861


On Monday, the 27th of May, 1861, in accordance with an ordinance in such case made and provided, I shall expose for sale and sell at public auction, at the pound, a small white pig, taken up by me in the public streets.  John Haines, City Marshal.


Watertown Democrat, 06 13 1861

By Ald. Prentice, remonstrance against repealing Hog Ordinance, signed by 190 inhabitants, referred to committee of Judiciary.  All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances heretofore passed or now on force in this City, restraining swine from running at large be and the same are hereby repealed.   Common Council Proceedings




Watertown Democrat, 10 19 1865

Marshal Haines has furnished a pound in this city, where he puts all hogs he finds running about, without any “visible means of support.”  Those missing any of these animals can probably obtain valuable information by applying to him, if they do so in time.  After keeping them a certain time they will be sold to the highest bidder.  Now if some plan can be devised to get rid of the vagrant dogs prowling around, two great nuisances will be materially abated.




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