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Outdoor Art Association



1905      Outdoor Art Association Organized by F. W. Brandt  for the beautification of homes.



1908 Awards



1909, Herman Wertheimer, recognition of

1909, Prizes for outdoor art work; riverfront improvement wanted



05 21       Offer Prizes for Best Gardens.

Outdoor Art Association Offer Total of $20 to Flower and Vegetable Growers.


A suggestion to inaugurate a competition among children in the city that would lead to interesting them in flower and vegetable gardening was adopted unanimously and with much enthusiasm at a meeting of the Outdoor Art Association held in the council chamber at the city hall Friday evening. 


Plans were started for the presentation of a lecture to be illustrated copiously with views of famous American and European gardens; the project for a river drive about the city was revived and a committee appointed with instructions to push the project at once, and the matter of a public bath house to be erected at or near Riverside Park was discussed, but no action was taken on this matter pending possible action by the park board, who has the matter in hand and are trying to make the erection of the bathhouse possible during the present summer.


Of most immediate interest is the competition among the children, as the season for planting gardens is now at its height.  However, quick action has been promised by the committee in charge, which includes the principals of all the schools of the city, and it is probable that the support of all teachers in the city can be enlisted in an effort to get at least 75 contestants.  A prize of five dollars is to be offered for the best display of flowers, three dollars will be offered for the second best display and two dollars for the third best.  Prizes of an equal amount will be offered for the best display of vegetables.


The proposal to revive the project for a seven mile drive to circle the city within sight of the river was received with much enthusiasm.  It was asserted that offers of support and cooperation had been received from Mayor Kading, the members of the park board and of the Fannie P. Lewis fund trustees and others interested, and that the time now seems ripe for doing more work on the proposition.


It was pointed out that four years ago considerable amounts of land for a right of way had been offered, and the appointment of a committee was urged to visit other property owners who had been opposed to the plan, with a view of finding if their opposition had not been removed.  Accordingly, a committee was appointed to confer with the city attorney, city engineer, the mayor, the park board and the council committee on streets and bridges and the property owners as well.  The members of the committee are Herman Wertheimer, Julius Wiggenhom and E. J. Seifert.


A committee composed of the Rev. N. Carter Daniell, Miss Mabel Smith and Miss Ella Wilder was named and instructed to attempt to secure a speaker from the state university or elsewhere who would be competent to give an illustrated lecture on the historical and beautiful gardens of the world, such as the Thur garden of Berlin, the gardens of Versailles of Berlin, the beautiful gardens of England, like that of Hampstan court, to say nothing of the many elaborate and beautiful gardens of various American estates and cities.   WG




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