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German M. E. Church

Wesley Methodist Church

201 North Fifth Street

First Methodist and Wesley Methodist churches merged in 1956


ESTABLISHED in Watertown



07 19       PICNIC

The children belonging to the German Methodist Sunday School in this city had a Pick Nick last Thursday.  They marched through the streets in a procession with banners flying, and in a neighboring grove passed a few hours very pleasantly.   WD



WHS_006_355  /  Wesley Methodist Church


Constructed at a cost of $5,260 in 1869, this church also went by the name German Methodist Episcopal Church.  It was constructed with Watertown cream brick.  The interior featured a pressed metal ceiling.  This building was representative of the religious values and architectural tastes of early German settlers in Wisconsin.  It was deconsecrated and abandoned in 1968 and demolished in 1978.






01 11       New Year’s Day an anarchist’s notice was found tacked upon the German Methodist Church written on ordinary writing paper in a poor English language.  “All hail, anarchists the world over, and remember the Chicago martyrs,” was the prelude to the document and then the brethren were cautioned against the preachers, churches and the press.  “The wine that mocketh,” used in the communion was mentioned as not to be handled or touched.  The document bore no signature.  A similar one was bond posted on Saint John’s Lutheran Church.   WR




   WHS_006_356  /  Wesley Methodist Church Parsonage

This was the parsonage for the Wesley Methodist Church which was located next to this house.  This structure was built in 1893 using Watertown cream brick.  The cost of construction was $2,058.  It was demolished in 1978, probably at the same time the church was demolished.



   Distant view



10 20       Last Sunday was a memorable day in the history of the German M.E. Church of this city, that being the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the church in this city.  Appropriate religious services were held, and choir, led by John E. Heismann, rendered a beautiful musical program.  Large numbers were present at all the services, which included many former members of the church who now reside elsewhere.   WG



08 29       A meeting of the board of trustees and stewards of the German M. E. church was held at the church chapel yesterday afternoon.  Among other matters transacted was the unanimous adoption of a resolution which will be sent to the Chicago conference of the German M. E. church asking for the return of Rev. Henry Karnopp, who has been pastor of the local church for the past year and whose services are most acceptable to the members of the church.   WG



10 02       Rev. Henry Karnopp has been reappointed pastor of the German M. E. Church in this city.   WG



MethodistChurch_c1912sm  Foreground: English M E Church (Fifth and Main); German (Wesley) Methodist in distance 



   Interior views          



02 29       The members of Wesley Methodist Church are being called upon this week for the official board of the church in a special Lenten loyalty program, intended to raise $10,000, to complete the extensive remodeling program which the church inaugurated two years ago.  At that time, the 85-year-old building was without a basement and the heating plant was in need of replacing.  A drive was made to raise $12,000 to provide a new heating plant and to excavate a basement, and the congregation responded with pledges totaling over $16,000, to be paid over a 100-week period.  Since then the church has gone far beyond its original plans, the pastor of the church, the Rev. J. Ellsworth Kalas, pointed out.  Two outside entry ways to the basement, new narthex, a remodeled balcony, new carpeting and a completely furnished kitchen were added to the program.  In addition the sanctuary was redecorated, and a divided chancel constructed.



04 14       The congregations of Watertown’s two Methodist Churches voted overwhelmingly on Sunday in separate meetings following the morning worship service to come under a common pastor beginning in June, with an aim for eventual union of the two churches.  The possibility of such an arrangement was suggested to the two congregations last month, after the pastor at Wesley Church, the Rev. J. Ellsworth Kalas, announced his resignation to his congregation.


The district superintendent, the Rev. Alvin J. Lindgren, met with the Rev. Carlos Asher, pastor of the First Methodist Church, and Mr. Kalas, after which meetings were held with the pastoral relations committees of the two churches and their respective official boards and quarterly conferences.  In each case it was voted that the matter should be referred to the individual congregations for an expression of their opinion.



04 05       The first of two church mergers affecting four of the city's present Protestant congregations, first announced in the Times in 1955, will take effect on June 1, 1957, when Watertown will have only one Methodist Church.  Announcement of this date was made here today by the Rev. William V. Stevens, minister of First Methodist and Wesley Methodist churches.


The other merger, which is also scheduled for next year, will involve the First Congregational Church and the First Evangelical and Reformed Church.  Details on the merger are still pending.   WDT










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Walter Goodlette (Mr. Goodie) was involved with the music at the Wesley Methodist.  His daughter was a soloist at the church. 



Contributed Memory:  "Every time I think of that beautiful church being torn down, I could cry.  It was so pretty inside.  Sunday School in the basement with Mrs. Urban was glorious.”





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