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Gallup & Wood


1864      New Manufacturing Establishment

11 03       Messrs. Gallup & Wood have an extensive establishment in the Third ward of this city for the manufacture of various articles.  It is run by steam, having an engine of some 20 horsepower.  Between fifteen and twenty mechanics and laborers are employed by the firm, making “bedsteads, cribs and (we took the man’s word for it) money!”  Manufacturing, the other one said, “most everything, save nutmegs.”


A look at, in and about the premises of this enterprising firm shows conclusively that their business must be large, and if industry be a criterion to judge from, successful.  “Charley” tends to the shop and machinery, while Mr. Gallop attends to outside matters, outdoor concerns, financial and otherwise.


These gentlemen are now manufacturing a new, neat and superior bedstead, which has cost them much labor to get into proper style and proportions, being so constructed as to avoid all the tedious trials in putting up and taking down belonging to those of an older origin.  Many other things are originated and made at this establishment and it pays, even though one does not wish to purchase, to stroll through the premises.


Here you can see puzzling and complicated machinery working in perfection, turning out articles of use furnished [finished] to hand from the raw material.  The ware room will compare favorably with any in this or our neighboring cities, while the courtesy and accommodating spirit of the firm secures all attention to their many patrons.   WD


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