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Michael Carroll Called by Death

1839 - 1915



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Our neighbor across the street, Mr. Carroll, dealer in books, stationary and newspapers, has had his store front newly painted, light green for panels, window and door frames, dark green on pillars and trimmings.The effect is pleasing and gives a sense of coolness.†† WR




Watertown Daily Times, 03 26 1915

Well Known Watertown Businessman

Passed Away Last Saturday.


Lived in Emmet Many Years


After an illness of about six months caused by periods of heart failure, Michael Carroll passed away at his home, 101 Church Street, Watertown, last Saturday evening, March 20, 1915 at the age of 79 years.


Mr. Carroll was born in the state of New York and came with his parents to Wisconsin when 5 years old.The family settled in the town of Emmet, this county, in 1844 and here the boy grew up to manhood and became one of the best known and most prosperous farmers in southern Dodge County.


In 1858 Mr. Carroll was united in marriage to Miss Mary Burke, who preceded him in death in 1877.To their union three children, two sons and one daughter, were born - Michael J. Carroll, who died at the age of twenty-two years; Alice, Mrs. John T. Ryan, who died May 12, 1898 and John, who passed away when seven years old.


While a resident of Emmet, Mr. Carroll was a member of St. Josephís congregation at Richwood and contributed generously to the building of St. Josephís Church.The beautiful main altar in that church is the gift of Mr. Carroll.


In 1881 Mr. Carroll removed to Richwood where he remained for two years when he again removed to Watertown in 1883, where he has since resided.For two years he was associated with Ed. Masterson and his son in the real estate business in Grand Forks, N. D.Later he conducted a book store in Watertown [105 E Main, in 1900] for several years.


Mr. Carroll was a man of strong Christian character and was an active member of St. Bernardís Catholic Church for many years.His honesty and integrity was never quested and was beloved and highly esteemed by a large circle of friends.He never aspired for political honors and was modest and unpretentious and perhaps had a wider acquaintanceship than anyone who ever lived in that section.


His funeral services were held in St. Bernardís church, Watertown, last Tuesday, Mar. 23, with interment in St. Bernardís cemetery.


1916, St. Maryís Hospital benefactor

1917, Watertown library citation


Michael Carroll

Watertown Gazette, 03 25 1915



A Pioneer and Wealthy Resident of This Section of Wisconsin.

Leaves Most of His Wealth For Charitable Purposes.


Saturday afternoon, March 20, 1915, Michael Carroll, a pioneer resident of this section of Wisconsin, died at his home, 101 Church Street, of heart trouble, with which he had been quite seriously ill for about six months, seriously so for the past month.His death had been expected for some time, hence when the final end came it was no surprise to our people.


Mr. Carroll was born on February 2, 1839, in New York, and came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1844, settling on a farm in the town of Emmet, Dodge county, residing there till 1881, when he located at Richwood, residing there two years and then coming to this city in 1883, where he has made his home ever since.


Shortly after coming here he and his son associated themselves in the real estate business with Edward F. Masterson, and retiring from that business he conducted a book store for a number of years in Watertown in the stand where Edw. M. OíByrneís ice cream parlor is on Main Street [105 [E] Main, 1899-1900 City Dir].


He was one of the stockholders and directors of the Wisconsin National Bank and was interested in several other enterprises, but most of his wealth was invested in lands.


In 1858 Mr. Carroll was married to Miss Mary Burke, who died in 1877.Two sons and one daughter were born to them, the latter being the first wife of John T. Ryan of this city.She died on May 12, 1898.His son John died when seven years of age, and his son Michael J. died at the age of 22 years.


Mr. Carroll possessed a mild, gentlemanly, unassuming nature, but always took great interest in the community in which he resided, and assisted in a quiet way its material and moral interests.He was particularly interested in educational and benevolent institutions, and as shown below left most of his wealth to them.


Monday morning his funeral was held from St. Bernardís church, and was very largely attended.Solemn High Mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Hennessy, assisted by Rev. Fathers Warken and Schwinn.In his funeral sermon Rev. Father Hennessy paid an eloquent tribute to Mr. Carrollís memory.During the hours of his funeral the Wisconsin National Bank was closed in his honor.


The interment was in St. Bernardís cemetery.


The pallbearers were:Honorary-Fred Miller, Herman G. Grube, Charles A. Feisst, Emil Tanck, Charles A. Skinner, Roman M. Hahn, Frank McAdams.


Active pallbearers ó James Burke, Michael Burke, Patrick Solon, John Solon, James W. Moore, Joseph Leschinger, Michael Kelly, Richard Irving.


The commendable manner in which Mr. Carroll has disposed of his worldly goods, speaks volumes for the truly Christian spirit he possessed.


Following is a synopsis of Mr. Carrollís will:


First. I will and direct that the expenses of my last sickness and of my funeral and all my just debts, if any, be fully paid out of my estate.


Second. That $100 be paid to St. Bernardís congregation located in Watertown, Wis., for the permanent care of my burial lot in St. Bernard's cemetery.


Thirdly. That $5000 be paid to Sarah Curley, my housekeeper, and also bequeath her my homestead and contents thereof.


Fourthly. I give and bequeath to St. Maryís hospital, Watertown, Wis., $10,000, for an endowment or fund to be used in permanent improvements.


Fifthly. I give and bequeath to St. Bernardís congregation, Watertown, Wis., $5000 for permanent improvements or repairs on buildings.


Sixthly. I give and bequeath to Sacred Heart College, Watertown, Wis., $10,000 to be used for repairing and for permanent improvements of buildings.


Seventhly. I give and bequeath to the Little Sisters of the Poor, Milwaukee, Wis., $5000.


Eightly. I give and bequeath to Morris Schultz, son of Edward Schultz, $500.


Ninthly. I give and bequeath to Lucile Meyers, daughter of Alphonius Meyer, $500.


Tenthly. I give and bequeath to Rev. Father Thillmann (formerly of Watertown and Richwood) of New Orleans, La., $500 and $500 to Rev. Father Hennessy, pastor of St. Bernardís church, Watertown, Wis.


Eleventhly. I give, devise and bequeath to my cousin John Carroll of Reeseville, Wis., my undivided half interest in land in La Moure Co., N. Dakota, known as Section 14.


Twelfthly, I bequeath to the trustees of the Watertown Public Library, $2000.


Thirteenthly. I give and bequeath to my brother-in-law Patrick Burke, $500, and to his wife and children the sum of $3000, to be distributed equally between them.


Fourteenthly. I give and bequeath to the local branch of the Knights of Columbus located at Watertown, Wis., the sum of $5000.


Fifteenthly. All the above legacies shall be paid in full and if sufficient is left the following shall be paid, $5000 to St. Maryís hospital at Milwaukee, Wis.; $5000 to St. Bernardís school, Watertown, Wis.


Sixteenthly. All the rest and residue of estate, if any, shall be divided among the legatees and devisees in proportion to the several amounts devised and bequeathed to them.


Seventeenthly. I nominate and appoint Charles A. Skinner executor of this my last will and testament, and give and bequeath to him for his services as executor $2000 in addition to necessary expenses.


(Signed)Michael Carroll.

Dated Dec. 22, 1914.




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