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Post No. 35 was first organized in 1947 and named in the memory of two young soldiers who died as Prisoners of War (POW) during World War II, Harvey Riedemann and George Thompson, both from Watertown.


Riedemann died in a Japanese POW camp and Thompson died in a Nazi POW camp.  Thus the post is named after one Pacific and one European war theatre victim from Watertown to preserve their memories through the years to come.




01 10       Erie Allais, Clinton, la., national vice commander, was the principal speaker here last night at the closing session and banquet of the mid-winter conference of Wisconsin Amvets.  The affair took place in Turner Hall and was attended by more than 200 persons, many of them from state cities.  Mr. Allais reaffirmed the determination of the Amvet membership to stand for Americanism and national and community service and said all Amvets, collectively and as individuals, are adamant to carry out the program of Americanism and service which the Amvets have laid out as their goal.  He said every Amvet can be relied upon to do his part to achieve that end.



10 29       A beautiful plaque has been presented to Mr. and Mrs. Al Stengel of 221 William Street by the American Veterans, Amvets of World War II in recognition of the many years of service and devotion they have given to veterans in the Madison Hospital where T-B patients are taken care of.  Mr. and Mrs. Stengel, either alone or together, have traveled some 6,000 miles in their visits to patients and in work on behalf of the hospital.



09 19       The Riedeman Thompson Post No. 35, Amvets will hold a joint installation ceremony at its club rooms Saturday night with the Amvets Auxiliary.  To be installed are: Auxiliary - Beatrice Kresinske, president; Rita Mohr, senior vice president; Gladys Wendt, junior vice president; Dorothy Watson, secretary; Delta Stengel, treasurer; Dorothy Volkert, chaplain; Clare Peterson, sergeant-at-arms; Ida Kube, public relations officer and historian.  Post Officers - Lorence Watson, commander; Robert Krueger, vice commander; John Kube, adjutant; Donald Haznow, finance officer; Laverne Marshall, provost marshal; Walter Hornickle, chaplain; Jacob Burbach, quartermaster; Albert Tobalske, historian; Paul Hibbard, judge advocate; Walter Wendt, Alfred Stengel and Robert Zimmermann, trustees respectively for one, two and three years.



09 19       A joint installation ceremony with the Amvets Auxiliary will be held Saturday evening by the Riedemann Thompson Post, No. 35, Amvets.  The affair will be held in the club rooms.  The following will be installed: Robert Krueger, commander; Lorence Watson, vice commander; Donald Haznow.  Installing officer will be Department Commander Donald Chamberlain.  Other appointments will be announced later by the commander. Auxiliary—Dorothy Watson, president; Lee Hornickle, senior vice-president; Gladys Wendt, secretary; Delta Stengel, treasurer; Marie Jurick, parliamentarian; Dorothy Volkert, historian and public relations officer, and Ida Kube, chaplain.


09 26       The Riedeman-Thompson Post No. 35, Amvets has honored three of its members who have made outstanding records in service to the organization and veterans in general.  The three men honored include Gerald Schubert who recently resigned as Jefferson County service officer in order to accept a position in Milwaukee with Wisconsin Veterans Affairs Administration.  He received the Amvets National Certificate of Merit Award, signed by national officers of the Amvets.  The other two men honored are Robert W. Krueger and Donald A. Haznaw.



10 14       Annual Joint Installation of Officers

The Amvets of Riedemann-Thompson Post No. 35 will hold its annual joint installation of officers Saturday night, Oct. 21 in the club rooms.  The officers are as follows: Commander, Donald Haznaw. Vice commanders, Robert Krueger and Alfred Stengel. Finance officer, Ralph Volkert. Judge advocate, Paul Hibbard. Provost marshal, Walter Wendt. Public relations officer, Lorence Watson. Historian, Al Tobalske. Quartermaster, Leo Checkai. Adjutant, John Kube.  Trustee one year, Lorence Watson. Trustee two years, Robert Krueger. Trustee three years, Alfred Stengel. State S.E.C., Alfred Stengel. Alternate S.E.C., John Kube.



10 29       Annual Joint Installation of Officers

The Amvets, Riedeman-Thompson Post No. 35 and Auxiliary of Watertown held a joint installation of new officers following a dinner at the Amvets clubrooms.  Newly installed officers of the Post are: Commander, Robert Krueger; vice commander, Alfred Stengel; adjutant, Walter Wendt; finance officer, Ralph Volkert; historian, Albert Tobalske; judge advocate, Attorney Roland Dierker; public relations, Lorence Watson; chaplain and service officer, Leo Checkai; quartermaster, Don Haznaw; sergeant-at-arms, Truman Talledge; trustee, Alfred Stengel.  Auxiliary officers newly installed are: President, Jacqueline Kube; senior vice president, Beatrice Kresinske; junior vice president, Mary Krueger; secretary, Dorothy Watson; treasurer, Dorothy Volkert; public relations, Gladys Wendt; parliamentarian, Helen Checkai; sergeant-at-arms, Clara Peterson; chaplain, Ida Kube; committeewomen, Beatrice Kresinske and Marie Jurick; hospital representative Marie Jurick.




11 07          Chapter on Veteran’s Park 







Mrs. Robert W. Krueger has been re-elected president of the Riedeman-Thompson Post No. 35, Amvets Auxiliary at a meeting held recently.  Other officers are as follows: senior vice president, Mrs. Dorothy Volkert; junior vice president, Mrs. Helen Checkai; secretary, Mrs. Marie Jurick; treasurer, Mrs. Dorothy Watson; public relations officer and historian, Mrs. Jacqueline Kube; parliamentarian, Mrs. Elaine Lehmann; chaplain, Mrs. Beatrice Kresinske; sergeant-at-arms, Mrs. Clara Peterson; hospital chairman, Mrs. Jacqueline Kube; committee women, Mrs. Beatrice Kresinske and Mrs. Marie Jurick.





Watertown Riedemann-Thompson American Veterans (AMVETS) Post #35 participated in the 66th Annual Wisconsin AMVETS bowling tournament held in Manitowoc.  Bowling team members, left to right: Bruce Thompson, Les (Tom) Kaklinski, Larry Ready , Dennis Berg and Ted Sterletske (AMVETS State of Wisconsin Commander).  Bruce Thompson’s doubles team won second place in the tournament.  Avon Hi-Life of Johnson Creek sponsored the team.




Watertown Riedemann-Thompson American Veterans (AMVETS) Post No. 35 met on Saturday, June 14, to place a Legacy Stone on behalf of the post name and its past, present and future members at the Highground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville.  The Highground is a memorial park which pays tribute to the fallen soldiers, honors survivors for their service and sacrifices and pays tribute to the people who supported soldiers while they were serving and upon their return.


06 25       2014 CHRISTMAS DISPLAY

   Display windows of Schempf Building  




Watertown’s Riedemann-Thompson American Veterans (AMVETS) Post #35 Color Guard unit, with the Milwaukee Brewers Famous Sausage Runners, after the Fourth of July parade.  Members of the Color Guard unit included left to right; Frank Braatz, Danny Bauer, Larry Ready, Al Zabel,  Dennis Berg and Clancy Zabel (Sons of AMVETS).




Watertown American Veterans (AMVETS) Post No. 35 recently received a monetary donation from Steve’s South Side Citgo Service Station in Watertown to help defray costs associated with putting on their annual Easter Egg Hunt for children in the Watertown area.  AMVETS has sponsored this event in Watertown since 1948. This year’s hunt will be held Saturday, March 19, at 1 p.m. at Riverside Park.



05 16       AMVETS OFFICERS FOR 2017-18

Watertown’s Riedemann-Thompson American Veterans Post No. 35 recently elected officers for 2017-18.  The officers are Mark Kottwitz, commander; Danny Bauer, first vice commander; Allen Zabel, second vice commander; Eric Gerard, finance officer; Mike English, adjutant; Dan Beer, provost marshal; Gary Winkler, chaplain; and Patrick Bergman, second vice commander.  Interested veterans are welcome to attend post meetings, which are held the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Silver Eagle Saloon, 207 S. Second St.




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