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German Serenaders

Watertown Democrat, 01 04 1855


There are various ways of spending the last hours of the old year and the first of the new year.  Some pass them in watching, some preaching, and more in sleeping, but we have a band of German Serenaders, who pass them in singing.  The effect of their "concord of sweet sounds," softly making vocal the mysterious stillness of a winters' night, is singularly pleasing, and reminds us of the music of Moore's fairies[1] -


When Memory links the tone that is gone

With the blissful tone that's still in the ear,

And Hope from a heavenly note flies on

To a note more heavenly still that is near.


We learn that the German band spoken of above, have been practicing in this city for some time, with a view to give a public concert for the purpose of raising means to pay for a room, and permanently organizing a musical association in this city, to which all having musical tastes, will be invited to become members.  We certainly hope that they will succeed in this attempt, and receive the encouragement which they deserve.


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[1] Poem of Sir Thomas Moore.