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Dr. James Cody

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03 17       Text of a lecture given by Dr. James Cody on intemperance.  WC


1855c    Wrote composition of E P Brook



06 21       Dr. James Cody was recently elected a trustee of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of Wisconsin.  The former officers and executive committee were re-elected and the business of the company for the past year was pronounced highly satisfactory.   WD



06 13       A Gentleman Burglar.--An uncommonly polite and chivalrous house-breaker entered Dr. James Cody’s residence last Tuesday night, went to his bedroom, carried his pants through the hall into the parlor, and after deliberately searching the pockets and finding only a lot of keys and three cents in cash, quietly took the first writing card he found lying on the center table and wrote the following words of admonition to the Doctor: “Nest time I come, I want you to have more money." He placed the three cents on the card and left, no doubt congratulating himself that if he had not done the lucky thing he had the handsome. Though a burglar, and willing to be a thief on a big scale, he is evidently above being mean about small matters.


Another of the Doctor’s [neighbors?], Mr. Charles Wood, did not come off quite as well.  He was visited the same night by a different customer or the same one.  His dwelling was also entered and robbed of a beautiful rose-wood box containing jewelry, notes, and other articles, of about $30 value.  By this time he was discovered and made off rapidly.


These night-roaming gentry should be watched.  A charge of gun powder would do them good, and perhaps have the effect of inspiring a salutary fear and prevent further depredations and losses.   WD



04 10       Doctor James Cody of this city has received a telegraphic dispatch from GOV. HARVEY requesting his services on the field of Pittsburgh. He leaves today.   WD



A. Buckland Griswold of Watertown, apprentice of Dr. James Cody.



05 04       In Fulton, Ill., on the 1st of May, 1865, JAMES M. CODY, son of Dr. James Cody of this city, in the 16th year of his age ... He was pursuing a course of study at a military school in the place where he died, and the first intimation his father had of his son's sickness was on last Saturday.  Dr. Cody immediately started to visit him, but before he reached his destination, he was met with the sad intelligence that his boy was no more.  The remains were brought to his home here, last Tuesday afternoon, and he who went away with high hopes and a thousand blessings for his health and welfare is sorrowfully brought back shrouded for the grave, making desolate the household his presence would have filled with gladness.  Such is life and such are the dark shadows that may any hour fall across the sunniest pathways.   WD



06 17       In the city of Watertown, on the 13th inst., at the age of 16 years and 11 days, EDWARD D. CODY, son of Dr. James and Adeline Cody.  The sudden death of this exemplary and promising youth is a severe and trying affliction to his bereaved parents, being the second son, whose untimely loss they has been called to mourn within the past four years. The many hopes that cluster around him render his death all the more painful to the family circle, thus sadly broken by the departure of the one so cherished and beloved. The tender sympathy of numerous friends will be with the sorrowing parents and relatives, but no ministrations of kindness can alleviate the anguish of such dispensation.   WD



07 07       Last week, Dr. James Cody, one of our physicians, started for Denver, and it is said he may extend his journey to California.   WD

08 04       Last Saturday, Dr. James Cody returned from a short visit to California.  The Doctor had a very agreeable though rapid trip, saw some of the most flourishing cities in the Golden state, and had the pleasure of meeting a few Wisconsin citizens, now residing on the Pacific coast.  It seems wonderful that a traveler can now make a journey across the continent to the western oceans come back again, and in the period of a month find himself at home, fully engaged in his profession pursuits!  But this is becoming a familiar story.   WD



08 08       Died--in the city of Watertown, Wis. on Sunday evening, Aug 4th, 1872, Mrs. Adeline Cody, the 42d year of her age, and wife of Dr. James Cody.

   --daughter of Captain James Rogan

   --born in Redman, NY     1830

   --came to territory of Wis. 1835 --- landing in Green Bay

   --attended school there

   --moved to Milwaukee--then she and the family came to Wttn. March 2, 1835.

   --warmly cherished and tenderly beloved by those she knew

   --a sincere Christian, member of St. Bernard's church

   --died after a short illness   WD



05 11       William J. Cody, son of Dr. James Cody took his departure from here last Monday night for Nashvill, Minnesota, where he will follow the same business he has been engaged in here for a few years past. Mr. Cody has all the requirements necessary to conduct a first class drug business, and the citizens of Nashvill can place the utmost confidence in him.    WG


07 27       Monday morning last at 10 o'clock the alarm of fire was sounded and the fire department called out, the occasion being the turning over of an oil stove and its immediate explosion in the kitchen of Dr. Cody's residence.  The fire was extinguished, however, before the engines were ready for work.  The woodwork in the kitchen was badly scorched, and the damage might have been more serious had it not been for the heroic efforts of Miss Kate Rooney, the domestic, who endangered her own person in subduing the flames.   WG


1886      The Cody Divorce Case Again

Watertown, Wis., Sept. 28 —The Dr. James Cody divorce case, after being lost sight of for several months and, as was supposed, settled, has come to the surface again.  Sunday morning Dr. Cody left his residence for a walk, and as he did not return, search was made for him which resulted in his being found at the residence of the Masterson family in the town of Emmet, three miles north of the city, in company with his son, William G. Cody, who, it is thought, was living quietly in Dakota.  Deputy Sheriff Brook visited Dr. Cody and asked if he desired to return to his wife, the doctor answering "No".  Everything in connection with the doctor’s removal seems to have been done in conformity with a well laid plan which had for its main object the bringing together of the father and son.  Dr. Cody is now in the hands of those who, from the beginning of the troubles between himself and wife, have opposed any settlement looking towards their living together, and there is no doubt that the last act in the drama is also part of a plan to nullify the settlement of the property that was made whereby William Cody obtained a much smaller share than he expected.  As an additional bone of contention no will, it is reported, has yet been executed by Dr. Cody. [Wisconsin State Journal, October 1 1886]


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