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Brandt-Dent Co


416-422 S. First




The "Brandt Automatic Cashier," manufactured by the Edward J. Brandt-Dent Company, has been introduced in to the business world from Maine to California and is in big demand.  Mr. Brandt informs us that twenty of the cashiers are in use in the post office at Boston, Mass., and are giving perfect satisfaction.




Overtime is the rule now at the Edward J. Brandt-Dent company’s plant on First Street.  It is compelled to do this in order in order to fill the increasing demand for the goods, which are shipped all over the country.  Among the recent sales were thirteen “Brandt Automatic Cashiers' to a firm in Newark, New Jersey.  Other sales of from one to three “cashiers" were made during the past week to firms in Buffalo and Rochester, New York; Providence, Woonsocket and Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Waco, Texas; Brocton. Massachusetts.  A large New York firm is contemplating the purchase of certain “cashiers.”   WDT




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05 05       The Edward J. Brandt-Dent Co. recently received two Brandt Automatic Cashiers, which had been used by the Westinghouse Co., in the Pittsburg district which was recently flooded.  These cashiers were covered with a deposit of yellow mud.  They had certainly been submerged by the flood but were otherwise little the worse for their experience.


12 18       Owing to the development of the two branches of the business for years conducted by the Edward J. Brandt-Dent Company each branch being entirely different from the other, the business has been divided into two corporations ... The corporation name is now the Brandt Cashier Manufacturing Company ... and this corporation continues the manufacture for the Brandt automatic cashiers for the United States and Canada . . . The two local corporations will be conducted separately, but they will be practically under the same management . . . The gas fixture branch of the business will be conducted by the newly incorporated Brandt-Dent company.  The officers remain the same.


12 26        Brandt-Dent has inaugurated and carried out a novel scheme - that of taking a census of their employees.  The figures show that the number of employees have gradually increased from seven to sixty.  The census of the local concern also shows that the labor employed has worked on an average of full time the past seventeen years.  The employees and members of their families number one hundred and twenty-five.  That number however does not include the sales force and office help.



01 22       Edward J. Brandt has sold his interest in the gas fixture department of the Brandt-Dent Co. to Robert Dent and Gabriel B. Levy of Boston, a well-known chandelier manufacturer and several other eastern men.  They have organized a company with a capital of $60,000 and will manufacture gas fixtures and chandeliers in the William Gorder building in [416-420 S.] First Street, formerly occupied by the M. D. Wells Co.  This will be another fine addition to the manufacturing interests of Watertown.  At least 75 hands will be employed, many of them skilled mechanics.  Manufacture Gas Fixtures, Fittings and Chandeliers   WG



06 17       BRANDT-DENT FIRE

At 12:30 o'clock Sunday morning the fire department was called to the Brandt-Dent factory in First Street, and by the prompt work of the fire department, the building was damaged to the extent of only about $200.  There was no damage to stock.  The origin of the fire is a mystery, as there was no fire of any kind in the building after 12 o'clock noon on Saturday.


On Tuesday chief of the fire department, John Glaser, received a check for $25 from the Brandt-Dent Co. for the fire department in appreciation of the good work done by the department at the fire, and the boys wish to extend their thanks for the same.   WG




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In front of Brandt-Dent Co., 416-422 South First Street




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