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John Slosson


11 22 1905


Thursday morning the dead body of John Slosson was found in the Henry Box factory where he had been employed off and on for some time.


He had been on a protracted spree and entered the factory, according to the night watchman, about 4 o'clock a.m. and laid down. An hour or so afterward, the watchman passed by where Slosson was lying and [as] his eyes were wide open he supposed that he was awake. Shortly after, he made the discovery that Slosson had journeyed to that bourne from which no traveler returns.


Later, Officer Bruegger was summoned who was accompanied by Dr. W. H. Hoermann, the city physician, and the remains brought to the city morgue and it being ascertained that he had a wife and son residing at Dowatiac, Mich., a telegram was sent asking what disposition should be made of the body. An answer was received in due time saying that they would be to no expense to bury the body here.


A relative at Clinton, Wis., was communicated with by telephone but he refused to be at any expense, so a few friends in this city who had known the deceased in his best and prosperous days contributed the means to give the body a Christian burial, the funeral being held Saturday under the direction of John T. Ryan, undertaker, and internment in Oak Hill cemetery.


John Slosson was out of a good family and was a very promising and popular young man, a mechanical genius, who had it not been for drink, would have been one of the most successful and prosperous men in the country and have held the esteem and respect of all.




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