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Emanuel A. Wurster



History of Milwaukee, City and County, Volume 2, William George Bruce, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, Chicago, 1922.


Emanuel A. Wurster has been continuously identified with the Falk Company of Milwaukee since its organization twenty seven years ago, holding the official position of secretary and treasurer of this important concern which is one of the largest engaged in the manufacture of steel products in the northwest.  His birth occurred in Buffalo, New York, on the 11th of March 1861, his parents being Gottlieb Martin and Rosena Kathrina Wurster, both of whom were born in Wurtemberg, Germany, in the year 1819.  It was in 1848 that they crossed the Atlantic to the United States and took up their abode in Buffalo, New York, where the father won well merited success in the milling business.  They became the parents of nine children but all died in infancy with the exception of Emanuel A.


Mr. Wurster of this review obtained his early education in the public schools of his native city and when a lad of thirteen was sent west to Watertown ,Wisconsin, to continue his studies in Northwestern College there.  After returning to Buffalo he pursued a course in the Spencer Business College and in 1880 came back to Wisconsin, establishing his permanent residence in Milwaukee.  Here he was first employed as bookkeeper by the firm of A. Gunther & Company and subsequently became associated with the Franz Falk Brewing Company and its successors, the Falk Jung & Borchert Brewing Company and Pabst Brewing Company, working his way steadily upward through various positions of continually increasing importance and responsibility.  In 1894, having now gained a position as one of the substantial and capable young business men of the city, he severed his connection with the brewing industry and joined Herman W Falk in the organization of the Falk Manufacturing Company for the manufacture of steel products.  Mr. Wurster became secretary and treasurer and has served in the dual capacity under the subsequent reorganization and changes of title of the corporation to the Falk Company.  His efforts have contributed in no inconsiderable degree to the steady growth and prosperity of this important concern and he has long been numbered among the prominent representatives of manufacturing and commercial interests in Milwaukee.


On the 19th of February 1891 Mr. Wurster was united in marriage to Miss Hattie Schultz of Watertown, Wisconsin, a daughter of Carl W. Schultz who was a substantial and well known merchant of that city. Their two children, born in Milwaukee, are Erwin G., a successful young attorney of Milwaukee and Hattie S., who is the wife of Charles D. Beaton of Omaha Nebraska.  The family residence is at No 3207 Highland Boulevard.


In the Masonic fraternity Mr. Wurster has attained the thirty second degree of the Scottish Rite and is likewise identified with the Mystic Shrine, while his religious faith is indicated by his membership in the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.  He is an active member of the Merchants & Manufacturers Association and is well known and popular in club circles belonging to the Deutscher Club the Calumet Club, the Milwaukee Athletic Club, and the Blue Mound Country Club.  The period of his residence in Milwaukee covers more than four decades and his position in both business and social circles is an enviable one.