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Weber-Stube Orchestra



Watertown Leader, 05 03 1908


Harry J. Stube of the Weber-Stube orchestra is playing a violin made by Charles Witte, a young man residing on rural route No. 3.  The instrument is that perfect in construction and tone that Mr. Stube has laid his $65.00 instrument aside and is using the one manufactured by the young farmer.  Mr. Witte has given of ability as a mechanic.  His first attempt was about two years ago, when he made a violin out of a cigar box.  Later he contrived an instrument of a rather crude shape, but nearer the perfect.  The third attempt was the modern instrument now being played by Mr. Stube.  He (Witte) spent some time in studying the rudiments of construction and last winter applied his knowledge to a practical test and the result is that he has an instrument that will demand a good price . . . It is said that Mr. Witte had nothing but crude tools, but nevertheless he has accomplished a perfect piece of workmanship.  The violin was left with Mr. Stube to place a value on the same.   05 03 1908 WL


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