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A public exhibition by the students of the Watertown Seminary will take place next Wednesday evening, the 24th, at which parents and the friends of the institution are respectfully invited to be present by the principal, Mr. G. W. Case.  We understand the exercises will be of a deeply interesting character and will enable the patrons of the school to see what progress pupils have made during the term about to close.   WD



The fall term of this school will commence next Monday under the charge of Mr. R. W. Seaman, the successor of Mr. G. W. Case.  Mr. Seaman is an accomplished and experienced teacher and has availed himself of the services of several well qualified assistants, so that every department of his school will be under thorough and efficient management.  Those of our citizens who have children they desire to have instructed in the higher branches of study can send them to this Seminary with the assurance that this object will be attained.  Heretofore this educational enterprise has met with flattering success, and we have no doubt that under the direction of the new principal it will be found equally worthy of patronage and encouragement.  If properly sustained, it will become a permanent institution of our city and supply a want that has long been felt.    WD


11 26       FALL TERM CLOSES

The fall term of the Watertown Seminary closed on Friday, November 20th, 1863.


This has been a very prosperous term, as manifested by the interest on the part of both parents and pupils.


The whole number of pupils in attendance during the term was 55.  Five of these obtained Teachers’ Certificates at the fall examination and are now engaged in teaching.


A daily record is kept showing the attendance, scholarship, deportment, excellencies and deficiencies of each pupil in his or her school duties.  The result of this record is read at the close of each term . . .


For punctuality and regular attendance:

Adams, Hattie; Chadwick, Mary; Clark, Lucy A; Gallagher, Winnie; McMahon, Bell; Parmelce, Lottie; Porter, Mary; Straw, Amelia; Baum, Edson; Ford, Ann; Chadwick, Allie; Duffy, John; Duffy, Charlie; Hall, Frank; Hallowell, Willie; Lewis, Clifton; Nichols, John; Nixon, Eddie; Smith, Frank; Williams, Thomas.


For scholarship and correct deportment:

Adams, Sarah; Adams, Hattie; Chadwick, Mary; Clark, Lucy; Gallagher, Winnie; McMahon, Bell; McLaughlin, Eliza; Mullen, Marie; Nichols, Ella; Nixon, Fannie; Mather, Nellie; Porter, Mary; Straw, Amelia; Straw, Jennie; Baum, Edson; Chadwick, Allie; Enos, Dannie; Hall, Arthur; Hallowell, Willie; Nichols, Archer; Nichols, Enos; Crandall, George; Sprague, Freddie; Sprague, Charlie; Williams, Thomas.    WD


11 26       (advertisement)  The winter quarter of the Watertown Seminary will commence on Monday, December 14, 1863.  R. Watson Seaman, Principal and Professor of Mathematics and the Ancient Languages.  Mrs. C. G. Pearse, Preceptress and teacher of English, Drawing, Painting, Hair Flowers and Leather Work . . .


Regarding Evening Schools.  The time of the teachers is so fully taken up with recitations during the day that they cannot pay the attention to individual members of the school which they sometimes need; therefore, one evening each week during the term will be devoted to study in the school room, when the teachers will have more time for explanations, etc . . .


Teachers’ Class.  For those wishing to prepare themselves to teach, a Teacher’s Class will be organized to meet one evening each week for lectures, essays, institute exercises, etc.  Each member of the class will have opportunity for conducting classes in the school, under the immediate supervision of the Principal . . .    WD


12 10       Watertown Seminary – The winter term of this popular and well conducted school will commence next Monday, under the charge of Mr. R. W. Seaman, its principal.  Mr. Seaman has permanently established a school here that is eminently worthy of liberal and generous patronage.  He is an experienced and successful teacher, devoting his time and talents to the full and faithful discharge of his duties.  One important feature of this school is the Teacher’s Class, intended for the benefit of those who wish to qualify themselves for this important work.  Those who contemplate engaging in the business of teaching cannot do better than this excellent opportunity and amply qualify themselves for so useful and responsible a profession.    WD



     Advertisement, Watertown Democrat


The fall term of this school will open Wednesday, August 15th, and close Friday, Dec. 9th, 1864.


Winter term will open Monday, January 2d and close Friday March 16. 1865.




In the fall term, Seventeen Weeks, varies from $ 6.00 to $8.00 according to the studies pursued.


In the Winter term, Eleven Weeks, from $4.00 to $6.00.


As heretofore, no trouble or expense will be spared to make this a first class school.  The attendance the first year has been large.  We still solicit the patronage of the people of Watertown and vicinity.


R. Wason (sic Watson) Seaman,


Watertown, August 7, 1864


08 11       THE FALL TERM

The fall term of this flourishing High School, as will be seen by the advertisement in this paper commences on the 15th inst.  Mr. R. Watson Seaman, its accomplished and successful Principal, has given his school a character for thorough and careful instruction that almost renders it unnecessary to say any thing in its favor.  He is a well-qualified and popular teacher - bringing to the discharge of his various and important duties talents and experience in the highest degree useful and valuable.  We hope rooms crowded with students, will be the proof that his efforts to establish and maintain here a first class Seminary, are properly appreciated and encouraged by our citizens.  His is such a school as is needed here, and the range of studies pursued is sufficiently extensive and liberal to meet the wishes of all classes of pupils.   WD


12 22       The fall term of the Watertown Seminary closed Friday.  Whole number of pupils in attendance during the term was 82.  The following names are placed upon the Roll of Honor this term:


Hattie Adams, Viola Ament, Ada Barber, Lois Barton, Ruth Boughton, Sarah Boughton, Inez Brown, Lessie Breakenridge, Lucy Clark, Anna Crandall, Mary Chadwick, Jennie Davies, Libbie Dennis, Anna Ford, Dorn Fuller, Ella Guilder, Celia Hyland, Lena Labaree, Mary Mitchell, Hattie Lewis, Lillie Lewis, Fannie Nixon, Mary Northrop, Maggie Peebles, Rose Rogan, Katie Scott, Emma Stockwell, Amelia Straw, Jennie Straw, Julia Searles, Ida Wells, Cleopha Weston, Uranah Cole, Emma Ford, Bell McMahon, Ella Nichols, Maria Searles, Mary VanAlstine, Frank Barber, Willie Baesant, Alfred Commell, Charlie Duffy, Dannie Enos, Elwin Fuller, Arthur Hall, Charlie Moak, Arthur Moulton, Lewis Sanborn, Frank Smith, Fred Webb, Frank Hall


The winter term will open January 2.   WD



09 07       WATERTOWN SEMINARY:  PLEASANTLY situated on Main St, east of J. J. Enos

This institution, under the management of Prof. R. W. Seaman, its able and accomplished principal, will commence its fall term on Monday, the 18th.  The building, which is pleasantly situated on Main Street, just east of the residence of J. J. Enos, has been greatly enlarged, repaired, newly arranged, and so improved as to make it convenient and commodious for school purposes.  It can now accommodate a larger number of pupils, and possesses additional facilities for carrying forward the work of instruction.  Prof. Seaman is an experienced and successful teacher, and the general satisfaction he has given should secure him the continued favor and encouragement of the community.  Parents who prefer sending their children to a private school cannot have a better opportunity to do so than is now presented.  His card will be found in another column.   WD







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