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Watertown’s First Nurses Aide Class




Watertown’s First Nurses Aida Class

St. Mary’s Hospital


Thirteen members completed an 80-hour course of instruction.

Aides helped to relieve a short of nurses created by the war.


(l-r) front row: Mrs. C. L. Bergmann, R.N., class instructor, Mrs. A. R. Jaeger, Mrs. Victor Wiggenhorn, Mrs. Lyle Reinhard, Mrs. Max Rohr, Jr., Mrs. Kurt Timmel, Miss Margaret Lange and Mrs. Olga Lehtoma, R.N., class instructor


Back row:  Mrs. Mary Radtke, Miss Marion Haney, Mrs. Gilbert Kressin, Mrs. Don Mitchell, Miss Ann Toman, Mrs. Dorothy Moffett and Mrs. Ernst Stabenfeldt. 


The nurses aide program was in charge of Mrs. John Christopher.




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