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Confirmation at St. John's

05 29 1966


St. John's Lutheran Church will hold confirmation services Sunday afternoon, May 29.  The service is to begin at 2 o'clock.


Pastors Eugene C. Gunther and Paul R. Schroeder will officiate and the organist will be Herbert Richter, the parish school principal.


Dr. C. L. Bergmann, congregation president, will make the presentation of gifts.

The service will open with the prelude, a processional and a hymn of invocation.

There will also be a hymn of consecration, offertory, confession of sins and absolution, communion liturgy and a post-communion hymn.

The service will close with the benediction.


Members of the confirmation class are:


Dawn Bartz, Patsy Behling, Valerie Biefeld, Bonnie Budewitz, Pamela Buss, Richard Daley, Carole Dede, Allen Draeger, Nicholas Duvall, Marjorie Ebert, Jeffrey Ertl, Pamela Ferderer, William Fischer, Leo Frentzel, Steven Gillis, Jean Hensler, Lynn Herold, Joyce Kaliebe, Clyde Kohlhoff, Sue Kohlmetz, Mary Kressin, Troy Lange, Kathleen Maas, Kathryn Meyer, Sandra Nagle, Glenn Oestreieh, William Omet, John Otto, Nina Otto, Thomas Pirkel, Yvonne Retzlaff, Barbara Saniter, Barbara Schubert, James Schultz, Randall Schultz, Steven Schumacher, Linda Stanke, Sandra Taylor, Cheryl Tews, Joyanne Thiery, Michael Uttech, Karl Wagner, Kenneth Weber, Susan Wescott, Shirley Zastrow.