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Schempf & Schultz

Schempf’s Drug Store

203 Main Street


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Three members of the Cymmrodorion Club, Robert Jones, John Schempf and Gus Exner, made a trip on foot to Johnson Creek Sunday morning, returning in the evening.  While there they were very presently entertained at Assemblyman H. C. Christians’ home.


The chief function of the Cymmrodorions are pedestrianism and money-saving, and their adaptability regarding these accomplishments is a matter of much personal pride.  Their most recent feat in line, however, totally eclipses all previous efforts (according to their own say), but their friends are somewhat skeptical in the matter, being inclined to think that the stealing of a ride on a farmer's lumber wagon helped them reaching their destination.  It is not so hard to believe Messrs. Schempf and Exner capable of this task in the walking line, but when we gaze upon "Bob" Jones’ 240 pounds of avoirdupois carried under 5 feet 7 inches of stature, our inclinations are skeptical.  Mr. Schempf is ready, nevertheless, to back his friend Jones as a walker against any other fellow of equal size.


We understand the Cymmrodorions will continue to walk.  


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No doubt one of the neatest and most attractive places of business in Southern Wisconsin is the new drug store at 203 Main Street conducted by John W. Schempf and Henry L. Schultz, two enterprising young men well up in their profession and thoroughly competent.  The store was opened to the public Thursday last and enjoyed a most auspicious beginning, many patrons calling and giving it their unqualified approval.  The furniture and fixtures are very handsome and tasty.   WR



       1901 Fire Insurance Map, 200 block E Main, compared to 1909.


11 22       Turner Opera House was well filled with people Thursday evening of last week to witness the entertainment given by the Watertown Dramatic Club, and the Amateur Musical Club, assisted in vocal numbers by Miss Lula Bertram, and Wm. Sproesser. Edw. L. Schempf directed the musical part of the program in his customary efficient manner.  The music furnished was high-class and was most excellently rendered. The singing of Miss Bertram and Mr. Sproesser was very much appreciated, both responding to enthusiastic encores.  Miss Lydia Pease accompanied the former, and the latter was accompanied by his wife.


“Mr. Bob,” presented by the Watertown Dramatic Club is a very funny little comedy and in every detail was perfectly portrayed. Mrs. W. J. Lee as Patty, was very clever indeed, and came in for a good share of the applause of the evening.  John Chapman, as Jenkins, with whom Patty was in love, provided a capital actor; and John W. Schempf, as Phillip Rayson, was placed in so many ludicrous predicaments that he furnished no small amount of the amusement of the evening.  The whole affair was excellently carried out, and about $135 was realized.   WG



02 07       SCHEMPF & SCHULTZ changed to THE SCHEMPF DRUG COs

The name of the drug firm Schempf & Schultz has been changed to The Schempf Drug Cos., Mr. Henry L. Schultz retiring from the firm, with the intention of taking up the study of medicine. 


The business will be continued by Mr. John W. Schempf and the same liberal policy and persistent care and thoroughness through which we have built up a large and growing patronage will be adhered to.


We take this means of thanking the public for its generous patronage and trust the pleasant business relations existing in the past will be continued in the future.


Schempf & Schultz




John W. Schempf has disposed of his interest in the Schempf Drug Co. to W. G. Atwell, of Colby, who has already taken charge of the business.  Mr. Schempf has been closely confined in his business for the past seven years and he found that it is necessary for him to take a vacation for the benefit of his health, and he knew of no better way of doing so, than to dispose of his business and be relieved of all cares.  He intends taking a trip to Boston, and Atlanta, Georgia, and other places in the east and south.  He will be absent from the city for about two months, and at the end of that time may decide to engage in business again, but outside this city.  Our people regret his move, so far as it takes him out of the business life of this place, for he was looked up to as one of Watertown’s most enterprising and popular young business men, and all wish him success wherever he may locate.  His successor, W. G. Atwell, comes to our city well recommended — being a first-class druggist and possessing an interesting and progressive spirit.  Our people welcome himself and wife to our city, and all trust that they will find Watertown a pleasant and profitable place to reside.    WG



John Schempf formerly of the Schempf Drug Co Watertown but now connected with the Kamps Sackstedter Drug Co of Appleton has returned from a trip through the east and finds that his health is improving.  He has taken up active work with the Kamps Sackstedter Co at Appleton.  1906:  The Northwestern Druggist: A Progressive Journal for Retail Druggists, Volume 8.




Main, E, 203, Schempf Drug Store, interurban tracks being laid.



--  ­­            WATERTOWN REXALL STORE, 1909, on WI HISTORICAL SITE:  



02 08       EMIL SPEER, a brother of Mrs. JOHN SCHEMPF

Emil V. Speer, a former resident of Watertown, died at Salt Lake City, Utah, last week.  He was a brother of Mrs. John Schempf, Mrs. Wm. Schimmel and Mrs. Pauline Goeldner of this city.  His remains arrived here on Monday and were taken to the home of John Schempf, 803 Clyman Street, from where the funeral was held to Oak Hill cemetery on Tuesday afternoon.  He was 58 years of age and is survived by two children.     Watertown Gazette, 02 08 1912



Main, E, 203, Schempf & Schulz (probably earlier date as J. Schempf sold store in 1906 / but 1921 ad still uses name?)

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    < upper portion same as WHS_002_PC_379 >      Exterior view; interior view.  John Schempf and Harry Huth




     Max Tetzlaff and Erwin T. Bittner Are New Owners


Max Tetzlaff, son of Ex-Alderman Herman Tetzlaff of this city, and Erwin Bittner, son of Wm. Bittner, have purchased the stock and business of the Schempf Drug company, at 203 Main, and will conduct the same hereafter.  Mr. Tetzlaff has been engaged in the drug business in Racine the past six years and Mr. Bittner the past four years in the same city, both being managers of drug stores.


They are Watertown boys, having been reared and educated here, and both are well known as most estimable young men.  Their many friends wish them success hi their new venture.  John W. Sehempf, former proprietor of the store, has as yet made no announcement of plans for the future . He will take a much needed rest for several weeks before entering into business again.




Drug Store signage, 203 E Main, Company E parading, 1917 



The Black and Red, 03 19 1921



FORMER JOHN SCHEMPF HOME remodeled into three apartments




       803 Clyman Street





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