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Rock River Sea Monster

Rears His Head


Joe Pinkie said his last sighting was back in the 1960s and it was as he was walking on the North Second Street bridge.


He said, "I'll never forget that day. It was at dusk as I looked over at the sunset across the river. For just a second or two, he raised his head about two feet out of the water and then he was back under."


Joe described the monster as being huge and almost snakelike but with a head akin to a dinosaur. He estimated the animal or fish, or mammal, whatever it is, to be 10 to 15 feet long.


Joe said, "One of the men who worked hard at catching this monster was a police officer by the name of Ray 'Flate' Breier [Brier].  He never caught it but it wasn't for lack of trying."


Then, to show us just how hard Flate had worked on catching the monster, Joe brought a picture of Flate to our office.  The photo shows the "bait" he was using to lure the monster to shore.  The "bait" was actually given to Flate by some residents along North Second Street who were concerned about having a monster virtually in their back yards.


From what we could see, Flate was holding a contraption which featured huge hooks and some feathers, presumably to conceal the hooks from the monster and also give the appearance of something appetizing.  Then, there was a flask of genuine whiskey connected to the feathers to help "sedate" the monster after it was hooked.


Joe thanked us for spending a little time reminiscing about the Rock River Sea Monster. But, he said time was a wastin' and there was a cold mug of golden lager waiting for him at his favorite watering hole.


By Watertown Daily Times Editor Thomas Schultz

Posted: Tuesday, October 1, 2002

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