ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin

Watertown-area Homes Built by

The Riedl Brothers

"Builders of Customs Homes"
Five brothers, in partnership:

Edwin Riedl
Norbert Riedl
Clarence Riedl
Leon Riedl
Merlin Riedl

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Ken Riedl photo


Chronological listing of construction & remodeling projects:

            Beginning January 1, 1954

1954         Clarence Pitterle          Remodel Kitchen
                N7297 Hwy E, Pipersville
1954         Harvey Gritzner            Addition to Bar and Restauraunt
                East Gate Inn
1954         Merlin Riedl               House and Garage, North 2nd Street
                1405 North Second
1954         Ixonia                     Shingle Barn
                Hwy D
1954         John Hartwig               Cabinets
                N8533 Hawthorne Dr Ixonia
1954         Richards Avenue            House and Garage
                (Greek) Ran Main Cafe

1955         Von Schultz                Remodel
                North 9th Street
1955         Ed Wurtz                   Remodel
                South Washington
1955         Merlin Riedl               House and Garage, Arcade Avenue
                212 Arcade Avenue
1955         Baumann                    House and Garage
                1119 S. 9th Street
1955         Georgene Fredrich         House and Garage
                1320 S. 9th Street
1955         Ben Strauss                House and Garage

1956         Bud Strege                 House and Garage
                1215 Utah
1956         Jack Surdick               House and Garage
                218 Arcarde Avenue
1956         Clarence Riedl             House and Garage
                1305 Hutson Drive
1956         Joe Strobel                House and Garage
                103 Hyland Avenue
1956         Ernst Oschman              House and Garage
1956         Perry Printing             Addition
1956-57      William Loeb               House and Garage
                N8790 Airport Road
1956-57      Clarence Wurtzler          House and Garage
                Old Hwy 26

1957         Al Beyer                   House and Garage
                1423 Neenah Street
1957         William Paskey             House and Garage
                1316 South Ninth Street
1957         Edwin Riedl                Repair and Shingle Roof
                216 Lounsbury Street
1957         Ed Bowman                  House and Garage
                1015 Perry Street
1957         Orville Zastrow            Bedroom and Garage
                1329 South 10th Street
1957         Mrs. Wegner                Garage
                North Second Street
1957         Archie Ulrich              House and Garage
                1504 East Main Street
1957         Piper Brothers             Kitchen Cabinets and Closets
                Airport Road
1957         St. Joseph's Home          New Steps and Screens
                705 Clyman Street
1957-58      Clarence Ferg              House and Garage
                East Gate Drive
1957-58      John Verg                  House and Garage
1958         George Ertl                Garage
                1177 North Fourth Street

1958         Lester Hero                House and Garage
                106 Hyland Avenue

1958         George Helmke              House and Garage
                1514 Center Streeet
1958         Lyle Shaiken               House and Garage
                1518 Sandy Lane
1958         Lester Schuett             House and Garage
                1508 Prospect Street
1958         Clarence Holt              14 ft Kitchen Cabinets
                North Ninth Street
1958         Lester Fritz               House and Garage / Riedl Bros. signage posted
                203 Arcade Avenue 
1958         Erwin Lemke                25 ft Kitchen Cabinets
                216 Richards Avenue
1958         Gary Wuerneberg            House and Garage
                W4484 Riverview Road
1958         Bob Schroedl               House and Garage
                N4081 Co Trk J
1958         Joe Schopen                House and Garage
                N3839 Will Rd, Jefferson
1958         Joe Wanke                  House and Garage
                N3795 Will Rd, Jefferson
1958         Bill Kerstan               House and Garage
                210 Arcade Avenue
1958-59      Chester Stenzel            House and Garage
                221 East Spaulding Street

1959         Hutson Braun (lot 10)      House and Garage
                Lawrence Bickel house on 1302 Hutson Drive
1959         Lester Bast                House and Garage
                224 East Spaulding Street
1959         Edwin Riedl                Add 10 ft to Garage
                216 Lounsbury Street
1959         Norbert Riedl              Two Car Garage
                1506 Prospect Street
1959         Charles Holt               Garage and Porch
                Kiewert Streeet
1959         Lawrence Bickel            Two Car Garage
                North Hwy 26 / Night Cap Motel / Bickel ran this
1959         Joe Wuestenberg            House and Garage
                N8504 Coffee Road
1959         Champ Boettcher            House and Garage
                1423 East Main Street
1959         Paul Schroedl              House and Garage
                N3681 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1959         Richard Fuchs              House and Garage
                N7455 Switzkee Road
1959         Donald Wurtzler            House

1960         Carl Becker                House and Garage
                4436 Riverview Road
1960         Carl Schumacher            Trim out new house - Siding and Soffit
                W2186 T Bar Lane, Ixonia
1960         Elmer Hose                 House and Garage
                222 Lounsbury Street
1960         Paul Wuesterhaus           House and Garage
                4433 Riverview Road
1960         Fred Borchart              New Basement under old house
                South Hwy 26
1960         Everett Borth              House and Garage
                N8554 Co Trk & Coffee Road
1960         Earl Stockle               House and Garage
                207 North Concord
1960         Gene Schlesner             House and Garage
                411 Kossuth Street
1960         Lawrence Pirkel            Addition to House
                1400 South Ninth Street
1960-61      Art Schmitt                House and Garage
                Airport Road
1960-61      Mr. Schuett                House
                W 1172 Marietta Avenue, Ixonia
1960-61      Bob Holt                   Finish Upstairs
                Ann Street
1960-61      Fred Schnitger             House and Garage
                1003 Cleveland Street

1961         Bob Hollenbach             House and Garage
                4439 Riverview Drive
1961         Ben Mallow                 House and Garage
                East Main Street
1961         Cliff Hanson                House and Garage
                1001 Cleveland Street
1961         Bert Beltz                 House and Garage
                16 Park View Lane
1961         Vaugn Schultz              House and Garage
                Kuckhan Lane
1961         Bob Stangler               House and Garage
                1339 North Fourth
1961         Tom Doering                House and Garage
                1512 Sandy Lane
1961         Mrs. Schroedl              House and Garage
                N3705 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1961-62      Frank Kuhlke               House and Garage
                1505 Sandy Lane

1962         Schroedl's Meat Market     Addition
                N3705 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1962         Marvin Pheiffer            House and Garage
                N5376 Cty Trk CW
1962         Harvey Duehring             House and Garage
                118 College Avenue
1962         George Funk                Fire Damage
                N8577 Airport Road
1962         Herb Kohloff               Aluminum Siding on House
                South Concord
1962         Mrs. Bernice Soldner       Remodel House Inside
1962         Orville Weseman            12 ft Kitchen Cabinets
                1008 South Ninth
1962         Arnold Guetzlaff           10 ft New Countertop
                1416 North Second Street
1962         Gary Wuerneberg            Garage
                N4484 Riverview Road
1962         Bob Martinek               Add New Bathroom and Remodel
                1302 Hutson Drive
1962         Lyle Lange                 House and Garage
1962         Forest Melius              House and Garage
                707 West Main Street
1962         Lyle Shaiken               Garage
                1518 Sandy Lane
1962         Herb Wrass                 Garage Addition and Patio
                Hutson Drive
1962         Ed Rohr                    Addition to House
                619 Cole Street
1962         Max Miller                 Addition to Top of House
                709 Vine Street
1962         Bob Holt                   New Top on Kitchen Cabinets
                Ann Street
1962         Bert Beltz                 Linoleum on Steps, etc.
                16 Park View Lane
1962-63      Larry Ebert                House and Garage
                1209 Virginia Avenue
1962         Ed Rohr                    Finish Addition to House
                619 Cole Street
1962         Fred Borchart              New Shingle Roof
                South Church Street
1962-63      Schroedl's Meat Market     Addition to Meat Market
                N3705 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1962-63      Jim Richter                House and Garage
                1510 Sandy Lane

1963         Chester Zurheide           House and Garage
                1515 Sandy Lane
1963         Merlin Riedl               House and Garage
                1309 North Second
1963         Raymond Copland            House and Garage
                East Spaulding Street
1963         Emil Detert                Addition to House
1963         Carl Becker                Finish House inside and stone outside
                Riverview Road
1963         Bill Krupi                 House and Garage
                N200 North Second Street Road
1963         Robert Knaach              House and Garage
                W3449 Saucer Road
1963         Bert Beltz                 New Ceiling in Family Room
                16 Park View Lane
1963         George Funk                New floor in bathroom
                N8577 Airport Road
1963         George Lange               House and Garage
                1514 Sandy Lane
1963         Jim Richter                House and Garage
                N706 Second Street Road
1963         Hugo Klecker               Remodel bathroom
                N2687 Hwy M
1963         Joe Weber                  Rebuild porch and bathroom
                N7158 Cty Hwy Y
1963         Robert Schroedl            Remodel living room and roof
                N4081 Cty Trk J
1963         Wesley Baumann             Cement driveway
                208 Silver Drive
1963         Forrest Melius             Cement driveway
                707 West Main
1963-64      Charles Holt               House
                804 Clay Street

1964         Howard Ottmamm             House and Garage
                205 East Spaulding
1964         Dr. Nowack                 4 family apartment house
               710 South Fourth Street (South 4th and Western Avenue)
1964         Fred Schuett               New ceiling in bathroom
1964         Bill Jensch                Addition - Family Room and Fireplace
                1301 Hutson Drive
1964         George Schubert            House and Garage
                211 Lounsbury Street
1964         Ed Schroedl                Remodel 3 new windows and kitchen cabinets
                N3661 Co 89, Jefferson
1964         Don Templeton              House and Garage
                1603 East Main Street
1964         Art Weber                  House and Garage
                1604 River Drive
1964         George Sanquist            House and Garage
                221 Riverlawn Avenue
1964         Paul Hillfiker             House and Garage
                105 Oak Hill Court
1964         Don Kuester                House and Garage
                N9201 Donald Lane
1964         Jerry Miller               House and Garage
                N4925 Streim Road, Jefferson
1964         Ben Gahlman                Addition - kitchen, bath and stairway
                North Fourth Street
1964         Lloyd Brekke               House and Garage
                1509 Sandy Lane
1964         Don Dearth                 House and Garage
                1517 Sandy Lane
1964         Bill Jensch                Slate in front entryway
                1301 Hutson Drive
1964-65      Earl Weihert               House and Garage
                317 Riveria Lane
1964-65      Bill Berger                House and Garage
                202 Lounsbury Street

1965         Robert Einem               Remodel old schoolhouse
1965         Arnold Christian           House and Garage
                213 Lounsbury Street
1965         Ron Radcliffe              House and Garage
                1415 River Drive
1965         Don Schilling              House and Garage
                205 Oak Hill Court
1965         Willard Schlief            House and Garage
                1221 North Second Street
1965         Leonard Kramp              House and Garage
                910 Hyland Avenue
1965         Ed Segrist                 House and Garage
                1304 Utah Street
1965         David Schumacher           House and Garage
1965         Harold Hilker              House and Garage
                422 East Water Street
1965         Hank Rabbach               House and Garage
                N7219 Hwy Y
1965         Wayne Bruchman             Garage and Driveway
                217 East Spaulding
1965         Joe Weber                  New porch and bathroom
                N7158 Hwy Y
1965         John Hartung               House and Garage
                N8533 Hawthorne Drive, Ixonia
1965-66      Boyd Flater                House and Garage
                Donald Lane N9205
1965-66      Dr. Smebak                 House and Garage
                406 Carl Schurz Drive
1965-66      Gilbert Perschke          House and Garage
                304 Lynn Street

1966         Mike Funk                  New fronts on kitchen cabinets
                Airport Road
1966         Ed Rohr                    Remodel downstairs, new kitchen cabinets
                619 Cole Street
1966         Louis Weber                Remodel and new kitchen cabinets
                1007 Western Avenue
1966         John Verg                  House and Garage
                5 Riverdale Circle
1966         Arnold Steinhorst          House and Garage
                1502 Utah Street
1966         Gary Wuenerburg            House and Garage
                4484 Riverview Road
1966         St. Henry's                Parish Rectory and 4 car garage
                412 North Fourth Street

March 14, 1966:  Work has started on the demolition of St. Henry’s Hall at North Third and Cole Streets to make way for a new parsonage and administration building, along with three garages, to serve the pastor and two curates of the parish.  Also to be demolished is the present parsonage at 412 North Fourth Street.  The Very Rev. A. J. Herrmann, pastor, and the curates, the Rev. David H. Runde and the Rev. Thomas P. Baier, will move to the old Leo Ruesch residence at 310 North Water Street shortly after Easter and will occupy that residence until the new parsonage is completed.


June 20, 1966:  A new administration-rectory building is being constructed for St. Henry’s Catholic congregation in Watertown. The contemporary-classical two story building is being erected at North Fourth and Cole Streets, occupying the sites of the old rectory and what was for many years St. Henry’s  Hall. It will be of brick veneer, with pitched roof. It will provide living quarters for the three priests who serve the parish, offices and waiting rooms. In the basement an all-purpose room will be built for lay participation. It will be provided with a public entrance and a kitchen. On the first floor, there will be a garden court with sliding door to provide the priests garden privacy. The second floor will include guest rooms, the pastor’s suite and the housekeeper’s apartment. Architects of the building are Brielmaier, Sherer and Sherer of Milwaukee. General construction contracts have been awarded to Riedl Brothers.

1966         Herb Schroedl              Garage and room above
                N3719 St Hwy 89, Jefferson
1966         Fred Graf                  Aluminum siding house and garage
                211 Riverlawn Avenue
1966         Everett Borth              Remodel basement
                Cty Trk X Coffee Road
1966         Warren Huebner             Garage
                1513 North Second Street
1966-67      Ed Perschke                House and Garage
                209 Lounsbury Street
1966-67      Ted Guse                   House and Garage
                Utah Street

1967         Bob Schaefer               Addition to house
                1025 Kiewert Street
1967         Bert Beltz                 Insulate garage and shelving
                16 Parkview Lane
1967         Robert Minning             House and Garage
                W2585 Hwy CW
1967         Wallace Korbin             Aluminum siding and awnings
                1003 North Fourth Street
1967         Watertown Floral Co.       Remodel and new cabinets
                225 East Arcade
1967         Bill Peirick               Addition to house
                809 Cady Street
1967         Ken Beyer                  House and Garage
                N9234 Donald Lane
1967         Karl Zubke                 House and Garage
                1507 Sandy Lane
1967         Jim Meyer                  House and Garage
                1618 Neenah Street
1967         Art Kilcord                Garage
1967-68      Elmer Tuttenberg           House and Garage
                West Road
1967-68      Wilfred Riedl              Addition to front of house
                1208 Dakota Street
1967-68      Keith Muir                 House and Garage
                1119 North Second Street
1967-68      Wesley Neff                House and Garage
                1508 Sandy Lane

1968         Chuck Bliefernicht         Remodel kitchen and hall
                800 West Main
1968         Larry Ebert                Remodel stairway and move wall in garage
                1209 Virginia
1968         Lee Frederich              Remodel kitchen and bath
                1320 South Ninth
1968         Max Miller                 Remodel kitchen, tile bath, new ceilings
                                           in dining and living rooms
                709 Vine
1968         Harvey Kottwitz            House and Garage
                1303 River Drive
1968         Arnold Jorns               House and Garage
                904 Sand Street
1968         Joe Wuestenberg            Build patio with roof
                N8504 Coffee Road
1968         Edwin Riedl                House and Garage
                1213 North Second Street
1968         Jerry Schubert             House and Garage
                201 Oak Hill Court
1968         Franklin Bergdoll          House
                N9591 Boji Lane
1968         Howard Schmitt             House and Garage
1968         Merlin Riedl               House and Garage
                757 Kathryn Court
1968         George Nimm                House and Garage
                Hancock Road
1968         Siefert Krogan             Addition to house
                1112 Dakota Street
1968         Ralph Grady                House and Garage
                1629 East Main
1968-69      Walter Chapman             House and Garage
                104 Oak Hill Court
1968-69      Bruce Ebert                House and Garage
                W2840 River Ridge Lane, Pipersville

1969         Dr. Smebak                 Remodel office
                715 East Main Street
1969         Joe Richter                Addition to house and remodel
                Wood Road
1969         Arnold Jorns               House and Garage
                906 Sand Street
1969         Ralph Ellis                House and Garage
                1415 Kossuth Street
1969         Jack Hirtz                 Two prefab. four family apartments
                35 William and South 26
1969         Earl Lehman                House and Garage
                1035 Hill Street
1969         Leslie Schumann            House and Garage
                1118 Riverview Lane
1969         Norbert Kreuziger          Garage
                210 North Monroe
1969         Dr. Magnan Sr.             House and Garage
                4 Riverdale Circle
1969         Glen Rusk                  House and Garage
                1086 Boughton Street
1969         Dick Jaye                  House and Garage Under
                1214 Richards Avenue
1969         Jim Jaye                   Sand floor, replace window, repair steps
                1214 Richards Avenue
1969         Dick Jaye                  Build shelter for bricks
                1214 Richards Avenue
1969-70      Elmer Manke                House
                710 North Second Street
1969-70      Dick Jaye                  Prefab. House and Garage
                1214 Richards Avenue

1970         Charlie Holt               Prefab House and Garage
                1024 Kiewert Street
1970         Fred Keck                  Repair garage
                202 East Water Street
1970         Jim Richter                Remodel house and basement
                N706 Second Street Road
1970         Bob Vogel                  Add room to top of kitchen
                Dewey Avenue
1970         James Steffen              Repair kitchen and new cabinets
1970         Dick Jaye                  Addition to house
                1214 Richards Avenue
1970         Dick Jaye                  House and Garage
                226 South Concord
1970         John Schroedl              House and Garage
                W3727 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1970         John Roethle               House and Garage
                503 Kossuth Street
1970         Jack Hirtz                 Four family apartment
                35 William St Hwy 26 South
1970         Lyle Shaiken               House and Garage
                420 East Water Street
1970         William Krause             House and Garage
                North Second Street Road
1970         Andrew Schmidt             House and Garage
                Old Hwy 26
1970         Yeager Bakery              Addition for Sales
                Summit Avenue
1970-71      Jim Schleicher             House and Garage
                1107 Virginia Avenue
1970-71      Don Beerbohn               House and Garage
                205 Lounsbury Street
1970-71      Mrs. Warren Huebner        House and Garage
                1513 North Second Street
1970-71      Ken Robillard              House and Garage
                320 Riviera Lane
1971         Bob Schroedl               Remodel kitchen
                4081 Cty Trk J, Jefferson

1971         Victor Zeollick            House and Garage
                210 Oak Hill Court
1971         Bob Shuppert               Aluminum siding and garage door
                1003 Lyndell Street
1971         Richwood V.F.W.            Garage and repair roof on clubhouse
1971         Bill Jensch                Remodel garage into a bedroom
                205 Mound Street
1971         Mrs. Wick                  Aluminum soffit and facia
                Mound Street
1971         Robert Noon                House and Garage
                811 West Division
1971         Northwestern College       House and Garage
                Western Avenue
1971         Les Backas                 Take off porches, new roof and windows
                1122 River Drive
1971         Mike Meyer                 House and Garage
                1611 River Drive
1971-72      Dr. Reed                   New addition and roof
                1507 Oconomowoc Avenue
1971-72      Melvin Kohloff             House and Garage
                N9140 Kohlhoff Lane

1972         Don Beerbohn               Aluminum soffit
                207 Lounsbury Street
1972         John Bredow                Addition
                121 Kansas
1972         Bernard Von Rueden         Remodel and new kitchen cabinets
                N2713 Welsh Road
1972         Ernst Omet                 House and Garage
                N8858 River Road, Pipersville
1972         Ben Miller                 Aluminum Siding
                119 Green Street
1972         John Reese                 House and Garage
                1414 Davis Street
1972         Larry Schaefer             House and Garage
                1510 Prospect Street
1972         Paul Strickler             New roof on 3 car garage
                North Montgomery Street
1972         Bob Schuppert              New shingles on roof
                1003 Lyndell Street
1972         Robert Noon                New siding and porch
                811 West Division Street
1972         Shorty Timm                New siding, doors, and windows
                1002 Lyndell Street
1972         Herbert Meschke            House and Garage
                N4934 Cty Trk N, Jefferson
1972         Gordan Keach               House and Garage
                627 Territorial Road, Clyman
1972         Bethesda Lutheran Home     One room and two car garage
                700 Hoffman
1972         Allison Dittman            Remodel and addition
                Hwy M
1972         Leslie Engelke             New roof, soffit, facia and window
                613 Dodge Street
1972         Bernard Von Rueden         Remodel two rooms, windows and doors
                N2713 Welsh Road
1972-73      Floyd Burrnett             House and Garage
                1209 North Second Street

1973         Keith Muir                 House and Garage
                1119 North Second Street
1973         Robert Buss                House and Garage
                230 North Watertown Street, Johnsons Creek
1973         Robert Schuett             House and Garage
                1202 Allerman Drive
1973         Merlin Riedl               House and Garage
                113 West Spaulding Street
1973         Leo Bruenig                Remodel and new kitchen
                1412 Oconomowoc Avenue
1973         Wallace Sterwald           House and Garage
                W3249 Oak Hill Road (CW)
1973         Lawrence Bickel            House and Garage
                307 Silver Drive
1973         Mrs. Lydia Gnewich         Aluminum soffit and facia
                1310 Hutson Drive
1973         Rueben Schoechert          New roof and soffit
                1126 River Drive
1973         Jerry Schleicher           New addition
                N8875 Boomer Street
1973         George McFarland           Addition to house
                N278 Cty Trk K
1973         Bob Vogel                  Addition
                1539 Oconomowoc Avenue
1973-74      Walter Meitner             House and Garage
                306 North Monroe Street
1973-74      Ed Wegner                  House and Garage
                Oconomowoc, WI
1973-74      Mrs. Kiefer                Garage
                1217 Allerman Drive
1973-74      Frank Kuester              Addition
                North Washington Street

1974         Max Miller                 Raise living room floor and new baseboard
                709 Vine Street
1974         Merlin Roberts             Remodel bath
                506 South Tenth Street
1974         Yvonne Huebner             Remodel basement
                North Second Street
1974         Carl Gruenwald             Panel bedroom and ceiling tile
1974         Carl Bast                  Stairway, siding and soffit
                200 Oak Hill Court
1974         Milo Templeton             House and Garage
                East Main Street
1974         Mrs. Hartman               Addition to house
                304 South Seventh Street
1974         Larry Bush                 House and Garage
                Hwy N
1974         Roger Klingbeil            A-Frame House
                Hwy Y
1974         Forrest Melius             House and Garage
                707 West Main Street

1975         Paul Schroedl              Remodel Basement
                N3681 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1975         Mrs. Schroedl              Ceiling in basement and dining room cabinet
                W3705 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1975         Peter Steinbrink           House and Garage
                1520 Prospect Street
1975         Herb Schroedl              Remodel kitchen, bath cabinet and stairs
                N3719 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1975         Dave Riedl                 House and Garage
                1123 North Second
1975         Bernard Riedl              Remodel old house and smokehouse
                Gopher Hill Road
1975         Ed McFarland               Addition to house
                N284 Cty Trk K
1975         William Damrow             House and Garage
1975-76      George Smith               House and Garage
                N6253 Stonewood Drive
1975-76      Wesley Baumann             House and Garage
                208 Silver Drive

1976         Chuck Anderson             Remodel kitchen
                401 North Washington Street
1976         Jim Howlett                House and Garage
                1512 Prospect Street
1976         George Ceolla              House and Garage
1976         William Sterwald           House and Garage
                East Leonard Street
1976         Wes Altweiss               Rebuild two family house
                1025 North Second Street
1976         Dave Riedl                 Remodel and new garage
                W71176 Provimi Road

1977         Mike Stangler              House and Garage
                W7414 Hwy 19
1977         Bill Klink                 Addition upstairs
                138 West Spaulding Street
1977         Louis Kohls                House and Garage
1977         John Hartung               House and Garage
                N8533 Hawthorne Drive, Ixonia
1977         Bob Westrick               Addition upstairs
                23 Park View Lane
1977         Jim Isley                  House and Garage
                1207 Tloha Court

1978         Wayne Heiser               Addition to house
                44 Bluebird Ridge
1978         Richard O'Keefe            House and Garage
                N8398 Hustiford Road
1978         Norbert Riedl              Two family apartment
                307 East Cady Street
1978         Dennis Schroedl            House and Garage
                N4096 Hickory Court, Jefferson
1978         Dave Schroedl              House and Garage
                N4088 Hickory Court, Jefferson
1978         Bob Vogel                  House and Garage
                1539 Oconomowoc Avenue
1978         Gerald Caughlin            Addition and garage
                N835 Welsh Road

1979         David Flood                House and Garage
                Hwy A
1979         Kasper Smith               House and Garage
1979         Don Cayan                  Addition to house
                109 Herman Street
1979         Bob Schuppert              Carport
                1003 Lyndell Street
1979         Richard Dathan             House and Garage
                1425 Oconomowoc Avenue
1979         Bob Klink                  Remodel and new porch
                518 North Church Street
1979         A. Wollinger               House and Garage
                N8271 Airport Road
1979         Fred Vergenz               New siding
                206 Riverlawn Avenue

1980         Richard Dathan             Fire damage, new roof, drywall, trim out
                1425 Oconomowoc Avenue
1980         Dave Riedl                 House and Garage
                201 Robert Street
1980         Paul Richter               Remodel bath
                306 East Arcade
1980         Wes Altweiss               Garage door and opener
                1025 North Second Street
1980         Chuck Bliefernicht         Remodel
                800 West Main Street
1980         Tom Ebert                  Bath cabinet
                1306 Hutson Drive
1980         Gary Moltzahn              Remodel and fireplace
                1201 Amber Lane
1980         Bernard Riedl              Remodel
                Gopher Hill Road
1980         Don Fendt                  Addition
                1404 Dakota Street
1980         Herb Schroedl              Remodel and tile bath
                W3719 Hwy 89, Jefferson
1980         Mrs. Lueck                 New window
                1215 Randolph Street
1980         Charles Wendt              Fire damage
                305 Elizabeth Street
1980         Jim Kraemer                Porch addition
                1173 North Fourth Street
1980         Chuck Anderson             Remodel and new garage with room upstairs
                401 North Washington Street
1980         Elmer Behrens              Patio
                522 Carl Shurz Drive
1980         Cora Bliefernicht          Shingle roof
                226 Arcade Avenue
1980         Bob Dathan                 Garage and new window
                1425 Oconomowoc Avenue
1980         Larry Isaacs               Build steps
                920 Clay Street
1980         Ben Krueger                Repair porch
                810 North Fourth Street
1980         Joe Holthaus               Remodel and brace window
                12 Riverdale Circle
1980         Fred Vergenz               Repair porch and siding
                206 Riverlawn
1980         Joe Wuestenberg            All new windows
                N8504 Coffee Road
1980         Ernest Staude              House and Garage
                1206 North Water Street
1980         Jim Richter                Six car garage
                N706 Second Street Road
1980         Butch Hensler              Remodel and two new porches
                Hwy 19
1980         Heinz Bruenger             New porch and room
                605 North Water Street
1980-81      Tom Penza                  New house and garage
                1443 Oconomowoc Avenue

1981         Charles Yoeman             Remodel and repair
                Hwy E
1981         Dennis Riedl               Two car garage, new kitchen and bath, and shingle roof
                939 West Main Street
1981         Mrs. Staude                Remodel basement and paneling
                1323 Livsey Place
1981         Mrs. Schultz               Fire damage
                North Monroe Street
1981         Keith Keach                Addition
                1006 Labaree Street
1981         Irene Moltzahn             Repair and remodel
                215 South Church Street
1981         Don Zillmer                Remodel kitchen and garage door
                1330 West Main Street
1981         John Hartung               Remodel in basement
                N8533 Hawthorne Drive
1981         Norbert Krueziger          Enclose porch
                1441 Oconomowoc
1981         Allen Hilgendorf           Remodel Kitchen
                205 South Concord Street
1981         Gary Fontaine              Porch Addition
                218 North Avenue
1981         George Lincoln             Remodel Basement
                1423 Neenah Street
1981         Mrs. Stabenfeldt           Paneling and Soffit
                310 South Sixth Street
1981         Mrs. Kingsley              Fire damage in basement
                214 Arcade Avenue
1981         Irene Thauer               Remodel kitchen
                214 South Washington
1981         Clarence Peterson          Remodel for office
                119 Canary Circle
1981         Bob Schuppert              Enclose porch
                Lake Mills
1981         Mrs. Checki                New aluminum siding
                701 First Street
1981         H. Ziemer                  Enclose two silos with roof
                1301 Oak Street
1981         Dr. Smebak                 Remodel office
                715 Main Street [torn down for Hardee's]
1981         Dick Kohn                  Fire damage, new garage and roof
                                          on house, stairway, and kitchen
                Hwy G
1981         Mrs. Herb Richter          Remodel kitchen, new windows, and new porch
                N719 Hwy M
1981         Wesley Neff                Soffit and facia
                1508 Sandy Lane
1981         C. Schumann                New garage
                118 East Green Street
1981         Phil Zwiebel               New door
                8 Park View Lane
1981         Wayne Simon                Remodel in kitchen
                Allerman Drive

1982         Mrs. Quirk                 Remodel and insulate
1982         Gorden Baty                Remodel upstairs
                W4283 Ebenezer Drive
1982         Robert Nimm                Family room addition
                405 North Washington Street
1982         Irene Thauer               Remodel garage and basement
                214 South Washington
1982         Pioneer Roofing            Build office and front entry
                151 Maple, Johnson Creek
1982         Willard Schlief            Remodel
                1221 North Second Street
1982         Bob Wuestrick              Build drawers, etc.
                23 Park View Lane
1982         Joe Wuestenberg            Remodel flower box and new cabinet
                N8504 Hwy X
1982         Bob Schuppert              Enclose porch and remodel at the lake
                Lake Mills cottege
1982         Jim Quirk                  New roof on house
1982         Irene Thauer               Rebuild front porch and remodel kitchen
                214 South Washington
1982         Pioneer Roofing            Build two offices and tables
                151 Maple Street, Johnson Creek
1982         Gordan Baty                Remodel three car garage - new windows and siding on house
                W4283 Ebenezer Drive
1982         Wendy's                    Remodel inside


From January 1, 1954 when Riedl Brothers began, to December 31, 1982 when they retired and ended Riedl Brothers, they built 194 houses, plus additions, remodeling, garages, etc.  They must have done hundreds of smaller jobs of maybe one hour to twenty hours, as they seldom turned down work, unless the people could not wait.




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