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Officer Stacy Schroeder


09 02 2010


School-Related Assignments / D.A.R.E


Watertown police Chief Tim Roets has announced two new school-related law enforcement assignments.  Stacy Schroeder is the department’s new D.A.R.E./crime prevention officer and Officer Dave Gilbert has been selected as the next school resource officer.  In her new role, Schroeder will be teaching the D.A.R.E. curriculum at Watertown elementary schools and serving as a crime prevention specialist.


Gilbert will be assigned to Watertown High School and Riverside Middle School.  Gilbert’s move is a four-year commitment and a natural progression from his many years of teaching D.A.R.E.


“Scams — How to Protect Yourself,”

11 09 2010


Watertown Police Officer Stacy Schroeder has been with the Watertown Police Department since January 2002 and is currently the D.A.R.E. teacher at elementary schools in Watertown.  She serves as a crime prevention specialist.


Schroeder holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and received her D.A.R.E. training certificate.  She is a field training officer active in Watertown’s Coordinated Community Response Team and is also an adviser with the police department’s Explorer Program.