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Watertown Police


New Logo

10 21 94



A new logo, democratically designed, will adorn the uniforms of Watertown police officers in the near future.


The patch was designed by a committee of employees of the police department.


Police Chief Charles McGee:  “The committee had members representing a cross-section of ranks and positions.  We wanted something unique to our department . . . instead of a generic patch that you get out of a catalog.  We think it says we're a unique community.  We wanted something that represents Watertown."


Various designs from committee members were combined to form the logo, which uses the Riverfest logo to locate the city on a drawing of the state.  The patch also points out that the department has been "serving the community since 1853."


Committee chose design

that reflects community pride

10 21 94









A new look is featured on the city's three newest squad cars.  The other four marked cars will retain the old look until they are replaced with new vehicles within the next two years.


Prior to this the markings on the squad cars wasn't distinctive enough, especially the logo, which was based on a standard model from a graphics company.


The department formed a committee earlier this year to change the existing squad car markings, which featured an emblem on the door with a picture of an eagle on a shield and the words, "Watertown police." Other features include a blue stripe along the side and an add-on sticker for the 9-1-1 emergency system.  The committee decided to place the Riverfest logo, which is also used on the department's uniform patches, on the front sides of the cars.


The logo includes a wavy blue line that represents the Rock River.  The squad cars are marked with a darker blue line that extends from the wavy line on the logo along the side to the back of the car.  A design with a dial pad to inform people to call 9-1 -1 for emergencies was placed in gold letters on the rear of the blue stripe.


The words "Watertown POLICE" are boldly marked on the sides of the squad cars, clearly marking them as law-enforcement vehicles.


Charles David's Sons Inc. was contracted by the department to apply the markings on the cars.  Officer Dale Henning did the artist work for the committee.