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1993c     Established



11 04       “It’s a kick to get these things finished.” Ed McCullough’s enthusiasm shot through the telephone lines between his Illinois studio and Watertown as he looked at an almost-completed, 12-foot-high sculpture which will soon make its home in the city. Meridian, a gift to Watertown High School from the same foundation which helped build the technology center, will symbolize life’s cycles and stability. It also signifies a year of the sculptor’s life. “I’m sitting here in my studio, leaning, looking at this absolutely huge piece of work,” McCullough said. The stainless steel sculpture, which will invite feel and movement on and around it, will be erected in front of the high school early next month.



08 30       What began as a nondescript bus turnaround on a miniature model of Watertown High School more than five years ago [c.1993]  is now a blooming example of what students and a devoted teacher can do when they set their minds to it.  That bus turnaround, once an island of grass surrounded by parking lots and sidewalk, is today a sea of color in the form of a peace garden.  Students envisioned it as a place for inward reflection, a break from tile floors and concrete block walls inside the high school, which was opened in 1994.  Social studies teacher Steve Jacobson has been a mentor for students involved in the project, and his own ideas have meshed with theirs.



06 09       Matt Teuteberg Memorial

A mass of Gosling blue filled Watertown High School gymnasium Saturday morning as 311 students graduated as the class of 2000.  The day’s festivities began in the Peace Garden as students gathered with mixed emotions. Sara Cahoon and Eric Hamme dedicated a bench in the garden in memory of former classmate Matt Teuteberg, who died in an automobile accident in late March.  “Today is not just a celebration for us,” said Cahoon.  “We have all experienced many great times together, but we have also had to deal with many heartaches.”  WDT



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