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"The Orbit”



New “Orbit” Is a Beauty

Dedicated to Mr. Herreid

06 07 1941


The 1941 edition of "The Orbit" is out.  They've stopped putting the volume number on this annual book which the senior class of the Watertown High School gets out, but for the sake of the record the book distributed to high school students yesterday afternoon is volume No. 29.  It's a handsome book, from cover to cover.


For sake of a better term, let us say the cover is bluish white, carrying out the senior colors, blue and white.


This year the book is dedicated to J. H. Herreid, popular member of the faculty.  The dedication says that this was done "with respect for his systematic methods of teaching and our appreciation of his ever-willing cooperation in, and guidance of our social life."  From all reports Mr. Herreid deserves the honor.


A patriotic American theme is carried through the book, by means of line illustrations.  It's a neat job.


Good Taste Is Shown


There are the usual picture sections.  All activities of the school, and the work of its organizations in and out of classes are ably covered and represented in the book.  The entire volume represents class and good taste.


The co-editors of the book this year were Joyce Hardiman and Mary Naset.  Charles Seager was the business manager.


Other members of the editorial staff were these: 


Doris Scherer, Dorothy Marquardt and Gladys Baer, humor; Phyllis Huebner, literature; LeRoy Block and Wilbur Wieseke, athletics; Richard Minning and Evangeline Boehm, art; Rosemary Weber and Dorothy Cahoon, alumni.


Betty Krueger and Elizabeth Salick, calendar; Audrey Newbouer, classes; Ellen Sonnemann, faculty and photography; Mary Ellen Kuhn and Jeanette Lehmann, junior high school; Caroline McKee, organizations; Alice Moeller, Joyce Newman and Jean Casey, typing, and Miss Myra Maclnnis, faculty advisor. 


The Orbit this year, as in past years, was printed by the Jansky Printing Company, which has done good work on each of the books.  The photographs were taken by Meyers' studio.


Yes, the 1941 Orbit is a book the seniors—and the school — may be proud of.  The class of 1942 will be hard pressed in any effort to surpass it.


1962      50th anniversary edition

06 01       The senior class of Watertown High School today issued the 50th anniversary edition of The Orbit, the annual class publication.  Because it is the golden anniversary, the cover is finished in black leather heavily embossed in gold. The Orbit this year is dedicated to George Vinger, a member of the high school faculty.   WDT