ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Ogders & Dalgarno

Monument Works

Frank Ogders Company

116 North Fourth Street


1912      Among the leading industries of this city is the busy and growing plant of Odgers & Dalgarno.


This concern is the largest and most important in its line in this section of the state and has all the modern facilities for handling all kinds of granite and marble. 


Established by Andrew Roegner


The business was established in 1889 by Andrew Roegner, who was succeeded by the above-named firm January, 1912.



The new brick building which they occupy at 116 North Fourth Street was erected last fall and stands on a lot 106 by 65 feet, has already been found inadequate to their growing business and a further enlargement is to be made in the spring.  The workshop is fully equipped with all the modern machinery known to the trade, including pneumatic tools of all kinds, the motive power being electricity.  At the present time they have four men employed in the workshop, but during the spring and summer season a larger force is necessary. 


The stock of monuments carried by them is the largest and most complete to be found in this section, and includes all kinds of foreign and domestic granite and marble.  Both members of the firm are thoroughly conversant in all branches of the monumental business. 


Frank Odgers was born in the state of Connecticut, where he learned the art of stone cutting, later migrating to Barre, Vermont, where he entered into business as a manufacturer, continuing as such until he came to Watertown.  The younger member of the firm, Frank Dalgarno was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, where he served his apprenticeship as a draughtsman and after several years study in the art schools there he came to America in 1905, accepting a position as draughtsman with one of the largest firms in Barre, Vermont.  He resigned this position to come to Watertown, forming the firm of Odgers & Dalgarno, and it should readily be seen that with such experiences behind those men that anyone considering the purchase of a monument can do no better than consult them and satisfaction will be assured.   WG, 03 21 1912


1914      Frank Odgers Company

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