ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


New Belvedere Hotel

206 W Main


Belvedere Hotel, 206 W Main,

left side of photo



09 17          LOUIS ROGAN

Louis Rogan has accepted a position as clerk at the New Belvedere Hotel in West Main Street.  Louis is one of Watertown’s best known and reliable citizens and all his many friends predict that he will make a success of his new position.   WG



10 28          BINGHAM’S ’BUS LINE

Bingham’s ’bus line is a new aspirant for popular favor in Watertown.  Mr. Bingham, the proprietor, comes here from Evansville, and will make [meet] all trains and do city passenger work as well.  His headquarters will be at the New Belvidere hotel.   WG




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History of Watertown, Wisconsin