ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Thomas Moore


Confectionary Store



1858, Young Men’s Assn officer



1859, Assessor at large for city

1859, St. Patrick's Day celebration, mgr for

1859, Confectionary store



06 28       Tom Moore — the great Confectionary of Watertown—has made arrangements that will please the young, middle aged, and old.  He is now ready to accommodate all who want a cool and refreshing glass of ice cream in the afternoon or evening.  Call at his establishment at any hour after 12 o'clock, and you will be accommodated with just what you want, at any price you can afford, as will be seen by referring to his advertisement in another column of this paper.  Read it, and give the brilliant Irish Poet's name-sake a benefit!   WD

07 12       A Cool Investment.  Tom Moore respectfully announces that he has opened an ice cream saloon where he will be happy to see his numerous friends, each afternoon and evening.  Good news for the juveniles—he will accommodate them with a room to themselves and ice cream at New York prices—2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 cents per glass.  Come one, come all!  Enough said.   WD



07 12       COAT STOLEN

Last week Thursday evening a new $25 overcoat belonging to Thos. P. Moore was stolen out of the C &N.W. Ry. depot.  The coat hung behind the door of the depot office, and while the office help were busy closing up the business of the day, a tramp slipped in the door and took the coat.  He was seen leaving the depot with a coat on his shoulder by the section men, but before it became known that he had stolen it, he disappeared.    WG





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