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Meyer Bros. meat market

210 N Second



01 30       The residents of North Second Street were startled by a shooting affray at Meyer Bros. meat market yesterday noon, when Leonard Buth, a well-known young man employed there, was made the target for bullets from a revolver in the hands of August Kaercher.


The latter is a laborer who was lately employed at Charles Feurmann's horse barns.  He has been a frequenter of Meyer Bros.' place of business and was there yesterday just previous to the trouble.  While there he got into a sort of friendly altercation with Mr. Buth, which afterward grew more serious and it was necessary to eject him from the market through the rear door.  At this Kaercher, who is said to have been in a half-maudlin condition, became irritated, it appears, and drawing a revolver fired two shots at Buth through a window.  Neither of these reached the mark, although a small piece of glass struck the intended victim under the eye.  Kaercher then entered the market by the front door and continued his evil intent, but Mr. Buth, seeing the revolver again aimed his way, fearlessly seized his assailant and overpowered him, the gun, however, being discharged and the bullet just grazing Buth's left leg near the thigh.  The wound was not serious.   Kaercher was at once arrested and confined in the lock-up.  A complaint was sworn out against him form assault, and he will have a chance to answer to it this morning before Judge Henze.



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