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1902      Effort to expand library

02 15       Some subscribers to the library which was established here in 1896 are anxious that some action be taken to revive the library again.  There are quite a number of books now in storage which constituted the library at that time and it is the opinion of some that they could be taken out and placed in some central location where the costs would not be too great for the use of the subscribers.  There are seventy-four paid up subscribers and as long as the books are in existence they could be made use of.  It would probably be the proper thing to call a meeting of those who paid for the books and have them determine what to do in the matter.  With the consent of the subscribers the books might be used as a nucleus for a larger library which is needed in a city the size of Watertown.  If enough interest is taken in the matter a respectable library could be had in a few years, as there would be, no doubt, many voluntary contributions to the shelves.   WR






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