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Kroger Co.


1934      Kroger Grocery & Baking Co, 217 E Main



07 04       FOURTH OF JULY

   217 E Main




Mr. and Mrs. Len Williams have purchased the grocery business of Joseph Wetterneck at 503 North Fourth St.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams have years of experience in the grocery line, Mr. Williams having been for the past three and a half years with the Kroger Super Market here and prior to that he was for 12 years with the A&P organization.  


1950s    Kroger Grocery, 206-212 E Madison

1950s, 206-212 E Madison, Fair Day




   Kroger Group, Watertown Centennial Celebration


1964      Kroger Co, 813 E Main

03 12       A public hearing on the Kroger Co. petition to have the property in [813 E Main] Main Street, from South Eighth to the Sharp Corner tavern property, rezoned from residential to commercial to enable the company to carry out plans for a new supermarket is scheduled for next Tuesday evening at the start of the regular common council meeting.  The company has announced that the site will enable not only construction of a 200 by 55 foot supermarket but will provide the parking space such enterprises now require for operating efficiently and profitably.  The Kroger Company’s present operations in Market Street have no special parking facilities.


04 18       The Kroger Co. last night received the expected “go ahead” signal from the common council on its plans for a new supermarket which will represent an investment of $450,000.  The vote was 11 to 1, with Alderman Wallace Block, first ward, casting the only opposition vote.  Alderman Armund Turke was absent from the meeting and Alderman William Wiegand, in his capacity of council president, served as acting mayor, presiding over the meeting in the absence of Mayor R. P. White.


09 10         Two homes moved across Main Street bridge 

Two homes today were moved from the Kroger property, East Main Street, to lots on Milford Street. The homes were moved over West Main Street and were purchased form Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hermann of Lake Mills, who also handled the moving operation. The homes had been owned by Charles F. Haven and Byron McCall. Because of the height of one of the homes, it was necessary to zig-zag over Main and West Main streets in order to miss the street lighting fixtures. The fire department extension ladder was pressed into service to hold up utility cables so the homes could safely pass beneath. Wisconsin Electric Power Company personnel also were on the job to assist in the moving operation. The operation attracted a large number of spectators.



Work has begun on the Kroger Co. Supermarket in the 800 block of West Main Street where residences which formerly occupied the almost full block area were removed weeks ago to clear the site for the new construction.  Maas Bros. Construction Co., of Watertown, has been awarded the general contract for the building which will be 120 by 125 feet in size.  Floor space will cover 186,424 square feet.  Kroger’s will leave their present operation on Madison Street to move to the new location.  One factor in the relocation is that the present location does not permit sufficient parking facilities for a modern market.



New construction started in Watertown in November topped the October mark by some $44,000, but this was due largely to the construction of the new Kroger Supermarket which topped the list of building permits for an estimated $100,000.



05 18       KROGER CO, 813 E MAIN

Watertown’s brand new Kroger store at Eighth and Main Streets opened its doors at 9 o’clock this morning, with a large crowd on hand for the opening.  The store opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony, with Mayor Robert P. White cutting the ribbon.  Representatives of Krogers present to watch the mayor cut the ribbon were Ken Peterson, zone manager; Max Stueber, store manager; Charles Wendt, co-manager of the store; and Jack Davis, division vice president.  Krogers up to today operated in a store on Madison Street, which now has been closed. The new store is modern in every respect and offers a wide variety of items in every category.




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