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Edward Hinterberg


Watertown Senior High School




   High School principal Edward Hinterberg addresses student assembly on first day of 1955-56 school year, at which time text books were issued.



01 05       Edward Hinterberg, principal of the Watertown Senior High School, plans to retire at the end of the current school year, when he reaches retirement status.  Mr. Hinterberg, who holds a Ph.D. and Ph.M. from the University of Wisconsin has been in Watertown for 34 years and will complete one of the longest terms on record as a high school principal.  He came to Watertown from Highland, Iowa County, where he had been a teacher for three years before accepting the Watertown post.  His first teaching position in 1916 was at a graded school at Maquah, Wis., where he was also principal.   WDT



07 01       Eugene Tornow, the new principal of the Watertown High School, began his duties yesterday in accordance with his contract which the Board of Education voted him some time ago.  He succeeds Edward Hinterberg whose retirement went into effect yesterday.  Mr. Hinterberg is now a member of the City Council and has stepped completely out of the school picture in Watertown after serving 35 years as high school principal.  Mr. Tornow and his family will make their home in a residence in Willow Street.  There are two sons in the Tornow family.  Mr. Tornow, who is 39, is a native of Milwaukee and until he accepted the Watertown position was supervising principal of the Reeseville-Lowell High School.   WDT



04 06       Edward Hinterberg, retired Watertown High School principal and at present serving as president of the city council, yesterday won a seat on the new seven-man school board for the Watertown School District which replaces the present 16-member board and which takes office on July 1.  Hinterberg ran fourth in the 14-man race, with the top seven being the winners for membership on the new board.  Biggest vote getter of all the candidates for school board was Theodore (Ted) Koerner, Jr. who racked up a total of 3,822 votes in the district. Second place winner was Lee A. Block, who totaled 3,201.  WDT



04 20       The resignation of Edward Hinterberg from the board of education of the Watertown Unified School District Wednesday evening closed out nearly 45 years of public service in Watertown.  Hinterberg came to Watertown as high school principal in 1924 and retired in 1958.  At that time he was elected to the city council and served on that for three years.  He was its president in his last year under the city manager form of government.  In 1961 he was elected to the Board of Education and has served on this board since then.  On this board he has held the offices of vice president, president and treasurer, each for one year.   WDT





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