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Col. Charles R. Gill



Watertown Democrat, 11 11 1858

Gill, Barber & Fribert.  Attorneys and Counselors at Law.  Office in Bertram’s Block, Main St.  Charles R. Gill, Hiram Barber, Jr., Lawrence J. Fribert



1859       Charles R. Gill Removed from Office, Superintendent of Schools, charge against

Watertown Democrat, 06 23 1859

PUBLIC MEETING:  Whereas a spirit of malice and vindictiveness has been evinced by a majority of the Common Council in waging a warfare against the School Board of this city and particularly against Charles R. Gill, the Superintendent of Schools, in unlawfully and unjustly removing him from that office . . . Resolved, That William M. Dennis, Patrick Rogan and Calvin B. Skinner, Mayor of the city, in presenting and causing to be published the charges preferred against the Board of Education before they had an opportunity of defending themselves against them, were actuated by malicious and vindictive motives and caused the same to be published for the purpose of prejudicing the public against the School Board; and said proceedings instead of being instituted for the public good were designed to make in favor of themselves, political capital, by injuring the character of the members of the School Board.


Resolved, That the official conduct of Charles R. Gill meets with unqualified approval—that he has done no act which called for his removal from office and that we regard said removal as being unjust, unlawful . . .


Watertown Democrat, 06 23 1859

PUBLIC MEETING:  Resolved, that the Aldermen who voted for the removal of Charles R. Gill from the office of Superintendent of Schools are unworthy of the confidence and respect of the citizens and unfit to hold the office or to represent the citizens in said Council, and that by resigning said office it would meet the approval of the citizens generally.


Resolved, That Peter Seaburg, Charles Beckman, Charles Jacobi and Myron B. Williams, in the discharge of their duties as members of the School Board, are worthy of the unqualified approval of the citizens.


Resolved, That those members of the Common Council who voted against the removal of said Superintendent evinced thereby a disinterested fairness which entitles them to the respect and confidence of the citizens.


Watertown Democrat, 06 23 1859

COMMON COUNCIL:  By Ald. Rogan.  Whereas charges having been preferred to the Common Council of the City of Watertown against Charles R. Gill, Superintendent of Schools of said City, and due notice and opportunity having been given to said Gill to appear before said Council and make his defense, and whereas in the opinion of this Council due cause exists for the removal of said Gill from said office for official misconduct.


Therefore, Resolved that the said Charles R. Gill be and he is hereby removed from the office of Superintendent of Schools of the City of Watertown and said office of Superintendent of Schools is hereby declared to be vacant, whereupon the ayes and nays having been called for, those voting in the affirmative were 10, those voting in the negative were 5.


Watertown Democrat, 09 08 1859

COMMON COUNCIL:  The clerk read a mandamus from the Supreme Court reinstating Chas. R. Gill to the office of School Superintendent for the city of Watertown.  Resolved, That the proceedings of the Common Council of the 18th of June last, removing Charles R. Gill from the office of School Superintendent of the city of Watertown, be and the same are hereby rescinded.


Watertown Democrat, 08 18 1859

School Superintendent.  By a telegraphic dispatch received in this city yesterday from Madison we learn that the Supreme Court have decided against the legality of the proceedings of the Common Council in removing Charles R. Gill, Esq., from the office of City Superintendent of Schools.  This puts at rest a much vexed question and one over which a good deal of feeling and excitement has been manifested.




                Fourth of July celebration participant

                New Year's Ball committee




Watertown Gazette, 01 23 1913

MRS. CHARLES R. GILL, a former resident of Watertown, died in Seattle, Washington, last week.  The Seattle Tribune says of her death: 


"Mrs. Charles R. Gill, mother of Hiram C. Gill, former mayor of Seattle, and widow of Col. Charles R. Gill, United States commissioner of pensions under President Grant, and once attorney general for the state of Wisconsin, died at the family residence, 133 29th Avenue, yesterday afternoon.  Mrs. Gill was 78 years old and had a large circle of friends.  During his lifetime Col. Gill was active in many branches of political, military and civic life.  He was a personal friend of Gen. Grant and the leading statesmen and politicians of the Civil War period.  The children are Clark L. Gill, Ralph C. Gill, Hiram C. Gill, Mrs. E. C. Ford, Mrs. F. L. Guppill, Mrs. F. G. Simpson and Miss Alice M. Gill, all of Seattle."




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