ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Cordes Home

Fischer Home, Todd & Debbie

406 South 3rd Street


Built in 1890, this home was constructed by the founder of Watertown brick, L. H. Cordes.  It is believed that there was enough brick available to double brick the exterior walls.  The house has had numerous owners.  Todd and Debby bought the home in the summer of 1997 and have been in the process of fully restoring and redecorating it from floor to ceiling.  With the help of many Watertown businesses and fine craftsmen, not to mention family and friends, Todd and Debby strive to fill the home with character, warmth and love.


Some unique features that the home itself possesses include:  a double-brick exterior, parquet flooring, ceramic tile, a front parlor, original chandeliers, a natural fireplace, tow staircases, and an in-law suite in the basement.


The inside of the house is furnished with heirlooms, some antiques from both sides of the family, and some fun "finds" that Debby has discovered over the years.  One of the 5 bedrooms is filled creations made by 5-year old son, Callahan, whom also decorated his own Christmas tree. Another room is the "I can't believe it's a girl" pink bedroom of 2-year old daughter, Molly, Jo.


The master bedroom is done in a bright yellow floral theme to keep the spirits alive during the doldrums of winter.


To escape the frills of the rest of the home, Todd's hideout is the in-law suite located in the basement.  Whether it be tying flies or entertaining in his Leinie's Lodge, Todd enjoys his domain in the North woods atmosphere of his basement.


The house has a little old, a little new, and hopefully a little something for everyone.  It is the Fischer's hope that you enjoy the tour and that it gives you a joyful beginning to this holiday season.