††† ebookHistory of Watertown, Wisconsin


Peter Euper Inn and Residence

Peter Euper Sr


617 S First

Peter Euper Sr

Photo of inn and residence, c1890 ††††††WHS_005_394


Building owned by Peter J. Euper, early Watertown business man.


Now the M&M bar, 617 S First, Watertown.


Peter Euper Wood and Cool, c.1890/Location has to be S Water St†††††††††††† WHS_005_199



06 19†††††† P. J. Euperís fine new sprinkler has arrived from Milwaukee.†† WG



10 19†††††† At last night's council meeting P .J. Euper, administrator of the estate of his son, Fidelius Euper, presented a claim against the city for $5,000 damages "for the death of Fidelius Euper, on June 11, 1898, caused by the negligence of said city in leaving unguarded a dangerous pond or raceway on land owned by said city." The bill was placed on file.






†† Hartigís sign by door.Service star flag on door


†† Interior of inn.Peter Euper Jr


Peter Euper Jr

Peter Euper Jr

George Euper


George Euper (l), Peter J Euper II (r)†† WHS_005_445


Peter Euper Jr obit


Cross Reference:

Euper, Peter J, 1890, Coal and Wood establishment, 617 S First, WHS_005_199 image


Gertrude Euper



Gertrude Euper, daughter of Peter J. Euper Sr and Annetta (Mattecheck) Euper†††† WHS_005_399




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