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S. P. Day & Co.




[Advertisement] The American Cooking Stove, the best thing of the kind in use, of which I [S. P. Day] have a good supply.  As to the proof of their many excellent qualities, read the following testimonial from well-known citizens of Watertown.


Mr. S. P. Day


Having obtained from you and had in use in our families for some time past, an “American Cooking Stove,” we cheerfully bear testimony to its many good qualities.  Its economy in the use of fuel, the rapidity with which it does its work, the uniformity of its baking and cooking, and the many conveniences combined in it – all tend to make it, in our judgment, the “ne-plus ultra” of cooking stoves, and as such we would recommend it to the public.  We consider it the best and in the long run the cheapest and most economical article of the kind with which we are acquainted.


J. J. Enos

H. B. Gallup

J. T Moak                 WD


08 27       SPORTING

All varieties of game which the laws allow to be taken now are very plentiful.  Ducks and prairie chickens are abundant and the sportsmen are having a fine time in shooting them.  Parties leave here most every day for the country and return loaded with the spoils of the chase.  Last week our friend S. P. Day – who likes occasionally to visit the clear, cool streams up north for trout, and range the fields for the winged game – presented us with a brace of fine chickens, the result of his skill with the gun.  The season has been favorable for birds and as the end of their usefulness seems to be to render the table more attractive, the chances are that a good many of them will fulfill their destiny during the present year.   WD



11 03       Mr. S. P. Day has among his extensive stock of fall purchases the American Cooking Stove.  This stove is – we speak from practical experience – without question, not only among, but the best of any in use.  It is so constructed as to render the use of coal or wood equally practicable and consumes less than one half the fuel of any other stove we ever saw, and is air tight.  We have often left this stove at night partially filled, closed the dampers, and the following morning boiled the tea kettle without any additional fuel.  It is lined between the plates with fire brick and the flues so constructed as to make burning out so common to all other stoves impossible.


As a baking stove it has no equal – the oven is large and so arranged as to render the distribution of heat even and perfect.  In a word, it is the best – we have used it; we recommend it.  Buy it; try it one and all, who may be in want of an article of the kind.  It will make your wife good natured and bring health and happiness to your entire family, for dyspepsia and its contingencies disappear before the American.  It is the ne plus ultra of a cooking stove.   WD



01 12       Skating parties of ladies and gentlemen go out on the ice every fair [weather] day and have a fine time learning to skate.  The number of ladies who engage in this exhilarating amusement is much larger this winter than last, and some of them make a graceful appearance.  With patience and practice, most any one can learn to skate, and we are glad to see this form of healthy and animating exercise becoming so fashionable and popular.  Mr. S. P. Day has a few pair of the best kinds of skates left, either for ladies or gentlemen, and now is the time to buy and use them, when everybody is skating.  Get the best always, for they are the easiest.   WD



At every state fair the competition in stoves is very great and manufacturers of these indispensable articles of the household, who claim to be the inventors or owners of such as are known to be superior to the hundreds of varieties thrown upon the market, make it a point to advance their claims for supreme superiority, exhausting their skill in ingenuity as well as their eloquence, explaining to the judges, who are to pass upon the merits of the article presented, the advantages claimed by them for their mechanical productions . . . The popularity of “The American” is now so firmly established that it can fearlessly bid defiance to all competition from wherever it may emanate, and those who consult their own comfort and pecuniary interests need not be reminded that they are reckless of both if they neglect to place “The American” in their dwellings.  For sale by S. P. Day, Agent, Watertown, Wis.   WD



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