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07 01          CHICAGO CUBS COMING SEPT. 10

Roger Bresnahn will lead his National league team, the Chicago Cubs, to Watertown on September 10, which promises to be one of the biggest days in the history of Watertown, for it will be the last day of the Watertown Inter-County Fair of 1915, which is to exceed all the other fairs in the history of the association.


The date is a sure one. The Cubs regular lineup will appear on the Washington Park diamond, provided weather conditions make a game possible.  With Shulte, Saier, Zimmerman and the rest of the Cub bunch romping over the green, it will be THE big baseball day in this section of the state. 


Hundreds of fans from twenty counties will be here to greet the great team that is today leading the National League with three and a half games to spare.


Paddy Ryan has been flirting with the Cubs and it was soon evident from written and spoken messages to “Watertown’s new tailor” that the fans favored the Cubs by 4 to 1.


Paddy even tore away from his duties as manager of the west side clothing emporium long enough to make a trip to Chicago, where he was closeted with President Thomas and made partial arrangements to secure the Cubs for their only remaining open date.


Home again and Paddy took up the matter with the directors of the fair association, for he desired that everything be harmonious.  After considering the matter at a special meeting, the directors concluded that if the game was scheduled at 3:30 o’clock, it would help more than it could possibly hurt the closing day of the fair, drawing hundreds of fans here who would take a peek at the fair during the earlier hours of the day.  It will be arranged to start the races an hour earlier and have them over by 3 o’clock.  Interurban cars will run from the fairgrounds directly to the ball park at that hour.


No team in the country is so much in the limelight at present as the Cubs.  They won their way to the top by a daring dash and are holding their place by the same means.  Heine Zimmermann, laid up for several days on account of an injury, went into the game as a pinch hitter Thursday, and smashed out a two-bagger, driving in two runs that tied the count, and turned into victory when he pulled the unexpected and stole home.


Incidentally Cy Williams, the giant center fielder, was presented with a gold watch and chain and some other knick-knacks at the game, the gifts being from his neighbors at Park Ridge.  Shulte and Good occupied the other two gardens in spectacular style, while Saier grabbed everything that came his way at the first sack, with Phelan at third, McLarry at second, Fisher at short and Archer in the catcher’s box.


It is this same lineup which President Thomas has agreed to put in the field against Pete Kronitz’ birds.  If there are not at least 3000 fans on the grounds when “play ball” is called, then the “guessers” of the wise fans will be officially declared out of order.   WG



Article by David J. Stalker


On September 10, 1915, the Watertown Goslings of the Central State League played host to the Chicago Cubs at Washington Park.  The Watertown Daily Times stated that there had never been as much excitement created in this part of the state.  That included the Chicago White Sox game, when they visited two years earlier, with area natives Billy Sullivan and Frank Lange playing for the Sox.  Against the Cubs, the Watertown fans got more than expected, as the home team was leading going into the last inning.


Watertown almost cancelled the game due to the wet conditions from the overnight rainfall, but the Cubs business manager did not receive Watertown’s message in time.  The team boarded the train in Chicago, the grounds crew at Washington Park prepared to lay bundles of shavings across the infield.  When the train arrived in Watertown, eager fans greeted them, and together they headed to Washington Park.  The game started on time as scheduled.


The Goslings jumped on Cub’s pitcher Karl Adams in the first inning, taking a 3 to 0 lead with hits off the bats of Schumann and Hornickle.  The Cubs answered back with a pair of runs in the third inning, and then tied the game with an additional run in the fourth, off Watertown pitcher Kiepert.


Wasting no time the Goslings regained the lead in their half of the fourth, after Hornickle tripled and Henke drove him in with a single.  In this seesaw battle, the Cubs tied it up in the fifth.  The Goslings took the lead back in the fifth by adding one more run to take a 5 to 4 lead.  This lead would last going into the ninth inning, with Watertown fans hopes running high, to pull off a major upset.


In the ninth, a wild pitch hit the Cubs McLarry, and Kinsley followed with a single.  The Gosling shortstop Dohr, denied Zimmerman a hit with an outstanding stop and throw to first base. Vic Saier, who was the Cubs first baseman through 1917, until the Watertown native Fred Merkle took his place, was next at bat.  Saier lifted the ball to right field, Henke miss-judged the fly ball by coming in first, and when he realized his mistake the ball flew over his head and two runs scored.  The Cubs barely pulled out a victory, wining 6 to 5.


The Goslings certainly played an honorable game.  Kiepert kept the Goslings in the game with his pitching and defense.  Hornickle and Henke each had two hits, and Hornickle and Schumann scored twice.  The fans were proud of their team, knowing that besides a miss-judged fly ball, the Goslings could have beaten the Chicago Cubs.


Watertown has always had a large Cub fan base, and still does today.  For many years, they were the closest major league team to Watertown.  Milwaukee had a team named the Brewers in the inaugural season of the American League in 1901, but after one season moved to St. Louis and became the Browns, and later the Baltimore Orioles.  Not long after this, the Cubs became one of the most dominate teams ever, playing in four World Series between the years of 1906-1910, and becoming the first team to win back to back World Series in 1907 and 1908.  Playing against Watertown, were two members of the back-to-back champions, they were Heinie Zimmerman and Frank “Wildfire” Schulte.


The players listed in the Watertown Daily Times are as follows:




Chicago Cubs

Watertown Goslings



                     Murray             rf           

                     Powers            lf

                     McLarry           2b 

                     Nowack           2b

                     Knisely              lf     

                     Kohli                cf

                     Zimmerman    ss  

                     Schumann      3b

                     Saier                 1b  

                     Hornickle         c

                     Morse               cf   

                     Henke              rf

                     McCarthy         3b  

                     Dohr                 ss

                     Hargrave           c

                     Koenig             1b

                     Adams               p  

                     Kiepert             p

                     Standridge        p


                     *Schulte           ph

  *Batted for Adams in the eighth inning


Umpire: Frank Lange



There was a pitcher from Columbus, WI named Frank Lange, he played for the White Sox for four years, and pitched for them when they played Watertown in 1913.  Prior to his short career with the White Sox from 1910-1913, Frank pitched briefly for Watertown. It is very possible that this umpire was that same person.




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