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Theodore Bernhard



07 28       Private School

Mr. Theodore Bernhard, the principal of the Union School, proposes, during the vacation, to form private classes and give a series of lessons in the languages and sciences.  Mr. Bernhard is a popular and successful teacher, well qualified to instruct and benefit all who place themselves under his charge.   WD


07 28       A Card

[same date] Agreeable to the wishes of several citizens who have spoken with me on this subject, I have determined to give instruction to such classes as I may be able to form during vacation.  I shall also give private lessons in the languages and scientific branches.  I wish to form the classes so as to commence the course of instruction the 1st of August.  Those wishing to communicate with me upon this subject will find me either at the School House in the Second ward or at my residence in the rear of the School House.  – Theodore Bernhard.    WD



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William H. Rohr was born on October 1, 1842, in Germany, and in 1853 came to Watertown with his parents, his father engaging in the merchant tailoring business here.  He was educated in the public schools of this city and at Beloit College.  After graduating from Beloit College, he taught school as an assistant to Theodore Bernhard, who kept a private school in the Second ward in the frame building still standing in Jones Street opposite the residence of H. Wertheimer; later he became a teacher in the public school’s of Watertown.



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