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A. E. Bentzin





Mayor A. E. Bentzin has come out in strong support of the current membership drive being conducted by the newly formed Watertown Humane Society. The mayor has joined the organization and today called on fellow citizens to do so also and help along a good and needed cause. He said as he took out a membership: ďA city should be concerned not only about the welfare of its people but likewise about the welfare of all Godís creatures. I hope the people of our city and surrounding areas will support this organization in its worthy humane endeavor to provide for the needs of our animal population, one of which is a particularly challenging one ó the need for a local animal shelter. The need is one which the Watertown Humane Society is commendably striving to fulfill.Ē





Bentzin, A E

1958, Past exalted rulers of Elks Lodge No. 666 honored

Bentzin, A E

1959, Board of Education

Bentzin, A E

1960, Board of Education

Bentzin, A E

1964, Hospital fund drive

Bentzin, A E, M/M

1930, Home, 1215 Western Ave



Bentzin, Mike

1900s, early, Half-brother of Frank Cook, WHS_008_141

Bentzin, Mike

1966, American Legion, WHS_008_553

Bentzin, Mike, Mayor

1969, American Legion, WHS_008_574






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