††† ebookHistory of Watertown, Wisconsin


Watertown School of Music,


107-109 East Main St (third floor)




08 22†††††† This city is to have a new educational institution ó the Watertown School of Music.It will be under the management of Edward Schempf and Wm. S. Mullen, and will occupy the third floor of the building at 107 and 109 Main Street, which has been thoroughly remodeled and arranged for the purpose.


The school has been organized with a view to furnishing first-class instruction in the several departments, at moderate prices, and, under able management, promises to become a center of musical education for this city as well as the portion of the state tributary to it.


A corps of first-class instructors is engaged as follows:Wm. S. Mullen, Miss Mabel Cooke, piano; Mrs. Akerly Townsend, voice; Herman Kelbe, violin; Wm. C. Stahl, mandolin and guitar.An elocutionist will also be engaged, to be announced later.


The staff above named consists of thoroughly reliable musicians, who have had advantage of some of the best training in this country as well as in Europe.There will be a number of faculty concerts during the term, which will be free to pupils and a few of their friends.Pupilsí recitals will be given from time to time, to which the public will be admitted.There will also be a number of recitals by eminent outside artists, under the auspices of the school, during the season.


The school opens Monday, September 10, with a faculty concert at Concordia Opera house.Catalogues have been issued and may be had upon application to Secretary, Watertown School of Music.


It is to be hoped that this new institution will receive the patronage and encouragement of our people.The management promises to maintain a high standard of excellence in the school, and when so conducted it will certainly prove a credit to this city.It is to be a first-class institution in every way.The location is admirable, the rooms are well lighted and cheerful, and every inducement is offered to make the study of music in its several branches pleasant and at the same time thoroughly profitable.††† WR



07 05†††††† A select audience attended the pupilsí recital last Monday evening at the Congregational Church parlors under the direction of Wm. S. Mullen, and Mrs. Ackerly Townsend, both of whom have been associated with the WATERTOWN SCHOOL OF MUSIC.The piano selections were rendered by pupils of Mr. Mullenís classes at Oconomowoc, Juneau, Richwood and this city.All acquitted themselves most creditably, and reflected much credit on their instructor, who by his zeal and devotion to his chosen profession is fast forging to the front as one of the best musicians in this section of the state.The vocal selections were by the pupils of Mrs. Townsend, who had been attending our local conservatory, being Miss Genevieve Mullen and Miss Anna Smith, both of whom have most pleasing voices and on this occasion showed the effect of the good training they have been receiving during the past year.††† WG





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