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03 153      A business men's association is a positive necessity to the welfare of any community, as it is to the business men of a city.  People naturally turn for the necessary encouragement towards the establishment of manufacturing industries or public improvements.  Without a business men's organization, therefore, there is no nucleus from which to organize action, and the very unsatisfactory method of seeking personal interviews is the only channel by which it is possible to even make an effort.  Business men are the life of every community, and they are the first ones called upon when there is any effort to be made of a public or charitable character.   WR



01 23       Steps toward what is honestly hoped may be a new era of business activity for Watertown were taken at a mass meeting of citizens held at the city hall last Wednesday evening, in the preliminary organization of the Watertown Advancement Association . There was a large attendance and much interest was shown in the movement.


01 30       The adjourned meeting of the Advancement Association was held last Wednesday evening with a large attendance, nearly 100 representative citizens being present. The committee on organization made its report, in which was submitted the constitution and by-laws, the same being unanimously adopted after the formality of securing a list of members had been gone through with. Thereupon the officers chosen at the initial meeting were re-elected in order to comply with the by-laws. A regular meeting was appointed to be held on the last Monday evening of each month.    WR


03 06       Articles of incorporation of the Watertown Advancement Association have been taken out with the register of deeds and will soon also be filed with the secretary of state.  The organization is without capital stock.  This action was taken in order to give the association a legal status, so that the plan of work mapped out by the board of directors might be proceeded with.  As is quite generally known, the association is to make an effort to secure the location in this city of a well-known manufacturing establishment.  To succeed in this effort, about $10,000 in cash will be needed.    WR


09 14       There is little room to doubt that Watertown has taken a stride far in advance of what was anticipated a year ago and there is every reason to hope that an increase in population and material property will have a far different addition in another decade.  The I. L. Henry company paper-box factory is an accomplished fact, and when completed will be the finest and best equipped of the kind in the northwest.  C. F. Hunzicker is here from Michigan and is seeking a location for the establishing of a baby carriage factory.  We now understand there is a project on foot to erect within the next twelve months a first-class hotel building with all the modern improvements, which will be commodious enough to accommodate, with the present facilities, the large number of strangers coming here to attend conventions and other attractions.  As one enterprise begets another, our Advancement Association will undoubtedly have its hands full, and should be given all the aid possible in the good work.    WG


1903      Founding of [?]



1904, Beal & Torrey Shoe Co



07 26       Now that the bond question has been settled and the financial cloud lifted that the sun of prosperity may shine upon the city, it is time that the Advancement Association of Watertown should get busy and begin systematic and active work for the industrial advancement of the city.  There are many manufacturing industries looking for advantageous localities in which to locate their factories.  But few cities in the country have more inducements to offer than Watertown.  It possesses railroad facilities that make it a desirable point, there is a splendid water power and a volume of water sufficient to furnish the motive power for many mills and factories; there is an abundance of labor and the taxes are low, the people being conservative in their municipal expenditures.  Now is the time to reach out for industries and it can be drawn to the best advantage by the association which should move in the matter at the earliest possible moment.



1906, Village Blacksmith solicited



1908, Role in interurban to Watertown


1908, Role in relocating Wells Shoe Co



01 08       Banquet at which matters of general interest to the city will be discussed and means taken to still further advance city   WG


01 15       Banquet honoring John I. Beggs, president of the Milwaukee Heat, Light and Traction Co.    WG


01 29       Since founding, about $32,000 contributed by business men toward establishing and encouraging factories to locate    WG


09 03       Herman Werthheimer, recognition of    WG



09 02       Milwaukee Merchants in City

About 100 hundred members of the Milwaukee Merchant's Association were in the city and while here took dinner at the New Commercial Hotel.  They were met at the depot by Mayor Grube and members of the Watertown Advancement Association.  They are on their annual excursion through Wisconsin.  They left to attend the firemen's annual picnic at Waterloo.   WG


1911      A Large Booster Meeting

03 09          Last Monday evening the city hall was packed with people at the "Booster meeting" and many were unable to gain admittance.  Among the audience were many ladies.  Herman Wertheimer, president of the Watertown Advancement Association presided.  Mayor Herman Grube was the first speaker.  He said that every citizen should unite to advance the interests of the city, and paid special stress on calling on the younger element to take more of an interest in city affairs and not leave all the work of "boosting" the city to the older citizens.  Hon Wm. F. Voss, F. A. Hoffmann, J. A. McAdams, C. A. Kading, Edw. F. Wieman, N. Thauer, Rev. M. L. Eversz, W. D. Sproesser, John G. Conway, O. C. Hahn, Gustav Buchheit and Wm. H. Woodard also delivered brief addresses, and all were unanimous in advocating the "boosting" of every move that might tend to advance the business interests of the city.


A motion that a vote of confidence be recorded in the present officers of the Watertown Advancement Association and that they be re-elected was carried amid much enthusiasm.  The present officers are:


President—Herman Wertheimer

Vice president—J. W. Moore

Secretary—W. H. Woodard

Treasurer—Edward L. Schempf

Directors—S. Molzahn, Ferd. A. Schmutzler, Henry Mulberger, Max Kusel, Fred Keck, Eugene Meyer, F. A. Hoffmann, H. G. Grube.


A committee of five was appointed to report at a future meeting, committees to look after the various interests of the city and a board of directors, the committees being made up of Rev. M. L. Eversz, Mayor H. G. Grube, Hon. Wm. F. Voss, F. A. Hoffmann and C. D. Wiggenhorn. 


One of the most important things brought out at the meeting was the calling attention of those present by Mr. Conway to the fact that there was a state law that the southern end of the county was profiting by — that country roads leading into the cities could be improved partly at county and state expense — whilst the people of this city failed to take advantage of it.


Mr. Conway also advocated that a public playground be provided in every ward in the city for children — a place where they could go and play and not be obliged to play on the public streets, as is now the case.


This is a matter that should be taken up at once by our city, and deserves the encouragement of every citizen.   WG



11 02       New Factory for Watertown

The Watertown Advancement Association has about closed the deal for the locating of a new factory here that will employ on the start about 50 skilled mechanics.  It will take about $10,000 to purchase the site and put up a suitable building, the subscriptions towards which will be all paid back in five years.  The factory will manufacture machine specialties, etc.  The site on which the factory will be located is the Schlueter property just south of the St. Paul depot.   WG



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