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02 03       H.A. Mihm, president of Vultel, Inc., a subsidiary of the Milwaukee Gas Specialty Company, announced this morning that a contract has been let for the construction of a factory building here of 42,000 square feet.  The contract has been let to Maas Brothers Construction Company of this city.  The building project will get underway about April 1, and officials of the firm anticipate that the building will be completed by the end of the year.


On June 19 of last year, the Milwaukee firm announced that a plant would be constructed in Watertown.  Through the cooperation of the Association of Commerce, the site, consisting of 40 acres, was secured for the firm in South Twelfth Street, a little south of Boomer Street.   WDT


06 27       With construction of its new factory building underway here, Vultel, Inc., South Twelfth Street, is already employing some 40 persons at its steel pre-fabricated warehouse.  The workers will be transferred to the plant building when it is completed.  The Maas Bros. Construction Co., Watertown, is in charge of the building which will cost an estimated $423,000.  The new factory should be ready for operation toward the end of the year, it was indicated today.   WDT



03 26       Watertown’s newest industry, Vultel, Inc., now is operating in the new building, located in South Twelfth Street, beyond Boomer Street.  Eighty employees are now at work in the new plant, recently completed, and when production reaches its peak, 300 persons will be employed, it is announced by Harry Mihm, president of the firm.  The company has erected a plant containing 42,000 square feet of floor space on a 40 acre plot which was acquired with the cooperation of the Watertown Association of Commerce.  The building was erected by Maas Bros.  Plans were drawn by Mead & Hunt, Madison consulting engineering firm.    WDT



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