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Saturday Club



06 21          ANNUAL PICNIC

Thursday, June 13th, was an ideal day, and the ladies of the Saturday Club chose that time to hold their annual picnic at Concordia Island for the pleasant gathering.  Each member was privileged to invite a guest, and as there are thirty members, quite a goodly company was assembled.  Shortly after six o’clock the gentlemen who were favored with invitations wended their way to the “Island” and in company with their lady friends partook of the substantial and dainty viands which had been liberally provided, the ladies proving that if they have literary taste, they also know how to cater to the appetite.  All united in saying they had passed a pleasant afternoon, and some of the younger members lingered “yet a little later” captured by the quiet beauty of the time and place.



The meeting of the Saturday Club last Tuesday afternoon at the Young American club rooms in North First Street, was one of the most interesting in its history.  An entertaining paper on Dean Swist was read by Miss Mary Chadwick, and the balance of the day’s program was done away with to listen to an address by Doctor Edward Johnson.  Ireland’s history has been receiving the attention of the club members this season, and they determined to ask Dr. E. Johnson to address them on the subject.  The Doctor kindly consented, and on the above occasion gave them an interesting account of Ireland’s history from the time St. Patrick visited Ireland to Daniel O’Connell’s time.  On all subjects Dr. Johnson is a very interesting talker, but on the subject of Ireland, he excels, and no one ever tires of listening to him when he speaks on Irish history.



10 09          Shakespearean reader C. E. W. Griffith secured for meeting    WG



02 26          Miss Maude MacPherson, Saturday Club were hostesses at reception tendered to retiring librarian   WG



01 21       The following officers were elected to serve during the coming year:  President, Miss Edna M. Chadwick; Vice President, Miss Elsa Baumann; Secretary, Miss Stella Hertel, Treasurer, Miss Jennie Needham.  The play “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare is now being read and studied in the club.   WG


02 25       Washington’s Birthday Observed   WG



04 20       The last regular meeting of the Saturday Club for the season of 1910 and 1911 was held the afternoon of Tuesday, April 18th.  The program for the season has been pleasing and instructive and the average attendance during the year has been exceptionally large.  Thursday, April 27th, has been set aside as Library Day and the members have arranged for a card party to be given at Masonic Temple the afternoon of that day.  Quite a general invitation has been extended to the ladies of Watertown to attend this party, the proceeds of which will be given to the public library.  The ladies hope for a general attendance.  The small sum of twenty five cents will be charged.   WG


05 04       About one hundred and twenty guests responded to the invitations issued by the members of the Saturday Club for a card party given in Masonic Temple assembly room Thursday afternoon, April 27th, the proceeds of which were to be given to the public library.  Bridge and duplicate whist [a form of whist in which the hands are preserved as dealt and played again by other players], five hundred and cinch were played, and for those who did not care for cards, other games were provided.  Frappe [similar to sherbet] and wafers were served and when the guests said their adieus there were many expressions of pleasure over the very enjoyable afternoon they had spent.


ELSON PRINT.  The Saturday Club held a special business meeting in the magazine room of the public library Tuesday afternoon, May 2.  Reports were received from the committee having the card party in charge and it was found that $25.00 could be turned over to the library board.  From the club treasury the sum of $10 was given to the fund being raised for Mr. Gibson, the blind man whom some of our charitably disposed people are trying to start in business.  It was also possible for the club to purchase one of the Elson pictures which were on exhibition in the library last week, Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace.  They expect to have the picture framed and later hung in the club room of the library.  [This citation prompted a search of the storage area of Watertown Public Library and the finding of this large-size print]   WG


1912      Armistice celebration participant   WDT

04 11       "What Happened to Jones."

A treat is in store for the theatre-going public of Watertown in the near future when the Saturday Club will present "What Happened to Jones" for the benefit of the public library.  "What Happened to Jones" is the jolliest sort of a farce, clean and sparkling all the way through.  A professor of anatomy is lured to a prize fight and the police make a raid on the "mill."  The professor escapes to his home, followed by Jones, a traveling salesman, who sells hymn books when he can, and playing cards when he cannot.  The police are on the trail, so Jones disguises himself by putting on a bishop's garb, and a lot of funny complications ensue.  The other fun-makers are aided not a little by an escaped lunatic. 


This celebrated farce has been a success for years on the professional stage, and the Saturday Club is offering it to our theatre goers by paying a royalty for this one performance.  The best amateur talent will fill the thirteen character parts, and rehearsals are under way under the direction of Miss Edna M. Chadwick.  The date of producing the same will be announced in these columns later.   WG




The Saturday Club held the last regular meeting of the season the afternoon of April 20th.  Each member was privileged to bring a guest and the reading room of the public library was well filled by an interesting audience.  The program was commemorative of “Bird and Arbor Day” and consisted of a talk on “Our Garden at the Library” given by Mrs. Eli Fischer, who has done so much to beautify the yard back of the library building. 


The latest gift to the library consists of three bird houses, two of which were made by the boys of the manual training class of the high school and the little wren house was made by Clarence Gloger of the grammar grade.  They were put in place by Mr. Eli Fischer and the Saturday Club.  The houses were dedicated to the use of the birds in a neat address given by Miss Lutkemeyer. 


After the reading the ladies adjourned to the yard to inspect the houses, the flowers, the elm tree, which was planted a year ago, the shrubbery and the well-kept lawn. 


Returning to the reading room, the program was continued by the reading of Eugene Fields’ beautiful selection “The Oak and the Ivy” by Miss Edna Chadwick.  Miss Herrmann told of the “Birds Seen in My Garden” their habits, their songs and many other interesting things connected with our feathered friends.  They showed pictures of nearly all the birds commonly seen here.  It was told in a delightful manner. 


The program completed, the club adjourned until the first of next October.   WG







08 08       MYRA MACINNIS

Retired Watertown High School history teacher Myra MacInnis has been chosen by the clergy roundtable to have her name given to the Main Street bridge in the annual Name the Bridge contest today as part of the River Days celebration.  MacInnis taught history for 48 years at Watertown High School.  She was nominated by the Saturday Club for her “integrity, character, humor, and love of people.”  The club, affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, also stressed her continued interest in community affairs, pointing out her activity in the Saturday Club as well as other organizations.   WDT




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