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Ernst Kusel

1871 - 1949


03 04          Yesterday Ernst Kusel, son of Daniel H. Kusel, and Rudolf Voss, residing on the Waterloo Plank Road, left for Madison, where they will join a party of eighty who expect to start for the Klondike gold fields this week.  Both young men are robust and persevering, and well calculated to withstand the trials of the undertaking. The party they will join are well equipped for the expedition with funds, outfits and possessions.  They have not fully decided to the course they will take to enter the gold regions, but possibly they will go by way of Skaguay.  The many friends of Messrs. Kusel and Voss trust they may have a successful expedition and return home with their full share of that country's riches.


1908      Home From Alaska

11 06          Ernest Kusel, son of Daniel H. Kusel and wife, returned last week from Alaska, where he has resided for the past ten years.  He has a claim that he has been working for years past 60 miles west of Dawson.  He left there October 3, walking overland to Dawson, and from Dawson by steamer 500 miles to White Horse, and then 110 miles by rail to Skaguay, from there by boat 1000 miles to Seattle.  He has become well off in Alaska, and relates many interesting incidents of his life while there.  He has experienced 72 degrees below zero there, but he says after you get accustomed to it the climate of. Alaska is all right.  In June when the days are 22 hours long he says the thermometer indicates 80 degrees above zero.  From October till June he says the sun is never visible there.  He will remain here till March, when he will return to Alaska.  He is glad to visit his old home, and all his old friends give him a happy greeting.  WG



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Brother of Louis H. Kusel, president of the D. & F. Kusel Co.