ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Donald Kehr Family


 Donald Kehr and Catherine Hoeffner Kehr (dau of Jacob Hoeffner, brewer)

               |- Elizabeth Kehr, b. 1860

               |- Amalia Kehr, b. 1862

               |- Charles Kehr, b. 1864

               |- Edward Kehr, b. 1866

               |- Orville Kehr, b. 1868

                              ||- James D. Kehr,  Orville's son and Charles’ nephew

               |- Ernest Kehr, b. 1871

               |- Alex Kehr, b. 1874

               |- Julia Kehr, b. 1876

               |- Herman Kehr, b. 1878


A little bit of background: my great-grandfather was born and raised in Watertown and later moved to Pittsburgh PA. The Pittsburgh family spent many vacations in Milwaukee, Watertown and Pewaukee Lake during the 1920's and 1930's.


Charles Kehr was born in March 1864 and Orville was born on July 9, 1868.  Their parents were Donald Kehr and Catherine Hoeffner Kehr.  Donald came to Watertown in the early 1850's and was a cooper.  The Hoeffners came to Watertown in 1846 and Catherine's father Jacob was a brewer. 


Charles and Orville had 7 siblings:  Elisabeth 1860, Amalia 1862, Edward 1866, Ernest 1871, Alex 1874, Julia 1876 and Herman 1878.  The Kehr family remained in Watertown until the mid 1880's when they relocated to Milwaukee.  Orville moved to Pittsburgh PA around the turn of the century, married and raised his family in Pittsburgh.


The Pittsburgh Kehrs are the ones who traveled to Wisconsin most summers to visit relatives and vacation at Pewaukee Lake. My grandfather, James D. Kehr, like to visit obscure and odd sites on his travels and since Turkey Gehrke was locally famous (and a bit odd) in the 1930's, my grandfather wanted to meet him and have his picture taken to commemorate the occasion.


The diary entry is from a trip diary that my grandfather kept about their family vacations.


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   WHS_005_836     Photo is my g-grandfather and his brother standing in front of the house on Third St where they were born and raised.  Orville B. Kehr and Charles Kehr in front of the house in Watertown which stood at Jones and Third St. Photo taken July 20, 1937.


   WHS_005_837     James D. Kehr (my grandfather), Charles Kehr, “Turkey Gehrke,” Orville B. Kehr (my g-grandfather).  Standing in front of cafe at 416 Main St. Watertown.  Photo taken July 20, 1937


   WHS_005_838      This was taken in the 1930's and the people are four of the Kehr siblings that were born and raised in Watertown.  Photo probably taken in Milwaukee.  Charles Kehr, Julia Kehr Leonhardy, Herman Kehr and Orville Kehr. The original picture is encased on a pocket mirror - that's why it looks a bit strange.


Loretta Schmucker contribution