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05 29          Messrs. Simon Molzahn, Charles Feisst and Andrew Roegner are the owners and officers of a neat little steam launch which has its moorings in Rock river, below Boomers dam.  The boat is twenty-two feet in length, will accommodate a dozen persons, is fitted with an eight horse-power engine and is propelled by a steam wheel.  It is of light draft and capable of developing a speed of eight miles an hour.  The launch was given a trial trip to Hahn’s lake last week and it is proposed during the summer to make excursions down the river as far as Jefferson — a most delightful and picturesque trip.  S. Molzahn is captain of the craft, Mr. Roegner chief engineer, and Mr. Feisst navigating officer.    WR



09 08          CLEM SCHOECHERT

For years Clem Schoechert of 1313 South Third Street, a salesman for the C. A. Feisst Co., has been telling tavern keepers he sells and services in Edgerton that Watertown would be able to grow better tobacco than Edgerton which is in the heart of the Wisconsin tobacco belt.  His remarks, whenever he hit any of the taverns in Edgerton, brought raised eyebrows, snickering and laughter.  Finally Duny Bosbin, bartender at Vorpahls Tavern in Edgerton could take Schoechert’s jibes no longer, handed him 12 plants and said, “Go ahead and prove it.”  Well Clem has.  Those 12 plants which were set out in the Schoechert garden for him by Erwin Schliewe, who tends his garden, have grown into seven foot-plus plants.  This, says Clem, proves he was right and he is ready to “throw it right back at those fellows in Edgerton” who doubted him.    WDT




Feisst, C A & Co

1909, 202 N Third, wines and liquors

Feisst, C A & Co

1913, 202 N Third, wines & liquors-wholesale

Feisst, C A & Co

1967, 116 S Third, wines and liquors





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